World’s busiest international routes in August 2021

After nearly two years of pandemic, the world’s busiest air routes look different. This is the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of the 10 busiest air routes as of August 2021.

Flights to and from Crimean Simferopol International Airport continue to lead the busiest international routes in the world. However, whether or not this should be considered an international route is still debatable.

The imposition of some of the toughest roadblocks in the world has taken Asia off the list of international routes it used to dominate.

On the other hand, countries that began to ease travel restrictions in late July received an immediate positive response from passengers. This is the case of routes from Russia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Route – Country of Airport – Capacity

  • SIP-SVO Simferopol – Moscow Sheremetyevo 338K
  • DME-SIP Moscow Domodedovo – Simferopol 304K
  • AYT-SVO Antalya – Moscow Sheremetyevo 224K
  • CAI-JED Cairo – Jeddah 212K
  • MCO-SJU Orlando – San Juan 188K
  • AYT-VKO Antalya – Moscow Vnukovo 163K
  • ORY-PTP Paris Orly – Pointe-a-Pitre 155K
  • CAI-DXB Cairo – Dubai 147K
  • CAI-RUH Cairo – Riyadh 141K
  • JFK-LHR New York – London Heathrow 138K

Last on the list remains a case in point, considering that London started a corridor of international travel to the United States on Aug. 2, but it refused to reciprocate as of mid-September.

world’s busiest international routes in august 2021

Close up on European international routes

As it is Asian and European, Russia leads the first 5 routes of the Old Continent. The remainder of the top ten is split mainly between Spain and Greece

Route – Country of Airport – Capacity

  • SIP-SVO Simferopol Moscow Sheremetyevo 338K
  • DME-SIP Moscow Domodedovo Simferopol 304K
  • AYT-SVO Antalya Moscow Sheremetyevo 224K
  • AYT-VKO Antalya Moscow Vnukovo 163K
  • LED-SIP St. Petersburg Simferopol 135K
  • DUS-PMI Dusseldorf Palma de Mallorca 125K
  • BCN-ORY Barcelona Paris Orly 122K
  • FRA-PMI Frankfurt Palma de Mallorca 121K
  • AMS-BCN Amsterdam Barcelona 120K
  • ATH-LCA Athens Larnaca 117K

Close on North American international routes

At the time of this writing, the international borders of the United States continued to be closed to 39 countries, including the 27 countries that make up the European Union.

This explains why the United States’ busiest international routes are limited to the closest neighboring countries.

Given that Puerto Rico is an American overseas territory, it is surprising that the Orlando – San Juan (Puerto Rico) route has been ranked as the busiest international route in the United States.

Route – Country of Airport – Capacity

  • MCO-SJU Orlando San Juan 94K
  • JFK-LHR New York London Heathrow 69K
  • IAH-MEX Houston Mexico City 65K
  • CUN-DFW Cancun Dallas / Fort Worth 59K
  • JFK-STI New York Santiago (DO) 55K
  • JFK-SJU New York San Juan 53K
  • MIA-PTY Miami Panama City 53K
  • EWR-SJU Newark San Juan 52K
  • LAX-SJD Los Angeles San Jose Cabo 51K
  • LAX-MEX Los Angeles Mexico City 51K
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With regard to the limited Asian routes currently in operation, Hong Kong – Taipei topped the list with just 99,000 passengers, followed by Bangkok – Hong Kong with 94,000 and Manila – Singapore with 88,000.

As for the international routes in Latin America, the first three are Orlando – San Juan with 94 thousand passengers, Cancun – Panama City with 79 thousand and Paris Orly – Pointe-a-Pitre (Guadalupe) with a similar number.

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