With 60,000 private properties in 75 countries, Marriott hotels now compete with Airbnb

Marriot, the world’s largest hotel company, is giving Airbnb direct competition by renting out private accommodations.

The hotel chain said it created its range of homes and villas to meet growing demand for short-term rentals.

The service is called Homes & Villas and it already has more than 60,000 properties in around 75 countries.

These properties range from unique collections of private homes, beachfront bungalows, sprawling villas, grand castles, cozy chalets, ski lodges, terraced houses, apartments, condominiums and penthouses.

In recent years, hotel chains have ventured into the short-term rental market, long dominated by platforms run by people working part-time in the hospitality industry.

The arrangement is simple: the owner provides the apartment and Marriott takes care of reservations, recommends and books tours, takes care of problems and provides deep cleaning after check-out.

Marriott Hotel by the sea

The added value of booking with Marriott is that guests also receive loyalty program rewards and access to resort amenities.

Being able to deliver a unique rental experience at a luxury property, while allowing customers to earn and redeem points, is a significant win for Marriott International and an offer that is hard to refuse.

“Business travelers, like many leisure travelers, value what Airbnb lacks and what hotel brands do best: availability (hotels cannot be excluded at short notice), professional hospitality, brand standards and advantages of the loyalty program”, he said. Chekitan Dev, professor at Cornell University’s Nolan School of Hotel Administration in Ithaca, NY

“That’s why most large hotel companies are extending their brands to private homes,” he added.

And what about prices?

Prices are not as high as expected.

Most properties range from $700 to $1,000 a night, but you can find nice apartments and houses for under $200 a night, which is even less than what an Airbnb might cost.

For example, Marriott offers a 2 bedroom apartment for $171 a night in beautiful Barcelona.

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There are properties for as little as $161 a night in Miami or as low as $120 for a one-bedroom apartment in Paris.

As for cancellation policies, guests can only receive a refund if they cancel within 48 hours of booking. After that, they are no longer eligible for a refund.

This very strict policy is expected to change in the future.

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