Winter Wonderland Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland

Instead of fleeing from the cold winter weather, you can of course just embrace your winter dip! Travel to the heart of Lapland, where temperatures sometimes drop to -30 degrees! It is often so cold that you cannot make snowballs with the snow. You do take a husky safari through the winter wonderland, you go in search of the dancing northern lights, you drive a snowmobile through the snow-covered forests to the vast swamps and you spend the night in a typical Finnish log cabin with private sauna.

Finnish wilderness

Rovaniemi, surrounded by Finnish wilderness

A very special resident

Those who love Christmas will feel right at home: Rovaniemi has a magical Christmas atmosphere all year round. It is therefore the home of Santa Claus, who in Finnish ‘Joulupukki’ is called. In Santa Claus Village you will find the one and only Santa Claus. His elves frolic about happily to help you in every way. Especially in the snow, everything seems to add up in the picturesque Santa Claus Village. Here the Christmas music softly reflects against the wooden facades, the many Christmas trees provide a fairytale lighting and you are assured of a white Christmas.

When Santa is home, you can visit him in the building that says “Santa is here!” (and that can also be followed live via webcam). You can have a beautiful card with an official North Pole stamp sent to your home front from his post office, which will be delivered just before Christmas, regardless of the time of year. Santa’s workshop is located 8 kilometers from Rovaniemi, right on the Arctic Circle. So a stopover is made in no time. Entry to Santa’s village is free, souvenirs are plentiful and you can cross the Arctic Circle here on foot.

arctic circle santa claus village

Santa’s Village

santa claus village

Santa Claus Village only really comes alive when it’s dark

Cross the Arctic Circle

Santa Claus Village is located on the Arctic Circle, the -in most cases- virtual line that indicates that north of that latitude the sun remains above the horizon at midnight in summer and does not set. In winter, the sun does not rise above the horizon for a few days around December 21 and it remains dark. This phenomenon is also called the polar night or kamos called in Finnish.

There are places where that imaginary ‘Arctic Circle’ is indicated with stones, or you see real monuments along the way, at the height of the Arctic Circle. In the tiny village of Santa Claus, the Arctic Circle is indicated by a blue string of lights and part of the Arctic Circle is clearly marked on the ground in Santa Claus Village. It is one of the few places where you can visibly step over it to take a picture. So if you go to see Santa, don’t forget to take a picture. You’ll find this white line right in front of Santa’s post office door.

Cross the Arctic Circle at Santa Claus Village!

Cross the Arctic Circle at Santa Claus Village!

Stargazing and Northern Lights Hunting

During the winter in Rovaniemi, of course, the days are significantly shorter, to a much more extreme extent than with us. However, this will in no way spoil your snow fun and in fact it only opens up more possibilities. The polar nights have a breathtakingly beautiful starry sky and with a little luck you can see the northern lights on a clear evening. All other activities can also continue in the dark months (December, January and February) and the winter even offers extras such as ice fishing, ice swimming or floating in a special suit in the hope of seeing the Aurora Borealis. So endless options between which you don’t really want (and don’t have to) choose!

northern lights lapland

Northern lights expedition to a beautiful spot along the frozen river

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northern lights lapland

Spotting Northern Lights in Lapland

The gateway to Finnish Lapland

Rovaniemi is not only ‘the official hometown of Santa Claus’, it is also the starting point for unforgettable winter adventures. Because although the Christmas village is a wonderful pastime, you don’t just come to Lapland for Santa Claus. It is the place to fully enjoy the impressive wilderness that surrounds Rovaniemi.

In itself, Rovaniemi is not such a special city, with a lot of concrete and a tiny center. But as they say, ‘location is everything’ and that applies here more than ever! Rovaniemi is the last major city if you come from the south and the city is completely surrounded by unspoilt nature. From Rovaniemi you have the vast Lappish nature at your feet and with the first snowfall in October you are assured of a fantastic base for all your winter adventures!

rovaniemi town

Rovaniemi city

rovaniemi city

Lumberjack’s Candle Bridge

Unforgettable winter adventures

In the Lapland Travel Package As standard, five activities are included in the basic price of your Lapland trip. You go on a husky safari, on a snowmobile, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and on a northern lights expedition. During your trip you will enjoy the beautiful combination between peace and adventure, the ideal location for the northern lights and fine typical Lappish excursions. In addition to the planned, inclusive activities, Rovaniemi offers you a range of fun activities. For example, you can go skiing in Rovaniemi’s ski resort Ounasvaara, go fat biking or horseback riding in the woods or visit a reindeer farm or snow hotel.

husky ride

Husky safari: one of the biggest bucket list activities in Lapland

cross-country skiing rovaniemi

Around Rovaniemi there are numerous cross-country tracks

snowshoe hike

What better way to enjoy nature and silence in Lapland than on your own snowshoes

snowmobile ride

The snowmobile is the way to transport you through the snowy landscape

Rovaniemi with children

Lapland is high on the bucket list for many, but many parents doubt whether they can take their young children with them. The town of Rovaniemi, in the heart of Lapland, is definitely worth a visit with children. Because where do children have the chance to meet Santa Claus in person? How nice would it be if they could hand over their wish list in person in his Christmas village? Here you will learn secrets and share all your Christmas wishes with Santa in person.

It is possible to reserve a cot in all accommodations. For the activities there are always possibilities to bring your children. For example, on the husky safari they can take a sled with you, and on the snowmobile trail a sled is hung behind the scooter, so that your kids can also enjoy the trip. In addition to all the facilities for young children, they also enjoy great discounts.

rovaniemi log cabin

Rovaniemi log cabin

riding rovaniemi

Icelandic horses at the Rovaniemi . riding school

ice fishing lapland

Ice fishing is a popular hobby in Finland

Experience Finnish Lapland for yourself

The Finnish part of Lapland offers the ultimate opportunity to enjoy winter to the fullest. Finland and especially Lapland is not cheap. Don’t be put off by the cold, the dark days or the prices. The experience is unforgettable, you can dress for the cold, the snow makes it dark and the prices are well worth it! Discover the Northern Lights, enjoy a husky safari, take a snowmobile tour through the wild nature and experience breathtaking Lapland in a seven day Lapland trip in this wonderful region!

view tower

View from the watchtower


Did you know that there are more reindeer than people in Lapland?

Rovaniemi - the heart of Lapland

Rovaniemi – welcome to the heart of Lapland

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