Where to stay in Amsterdam

The city of forbidden pleasures and temptations, Amsterdam consists of a dense network of neat streets, each of which attracts guests with unusual images, gingerbread houses in Western European style, and promises to some people much more piquant pleasures. The capital of Holland knows a lot about pleasures and is ready to share this knowledge, but not for free – there are the highest prices for hotels, therefore, where to stay in Amsterdam depends, first of all, on the travel budget.

What you need to know about hotels in Amsterdam

First of all, they are different. Of several hundreds of hotels, the lion’s share (more than a hundred) falls on 3-star establishments – the best value for money. Such hotels offer decent rooms with full technical equipment and furnishings. Two-star and even hotels with one star do not mean that you will be accommodated in unworthy conditions, just these conditions will be more modest, for example, a shared bathroom or the absence of a hotel dining room, or a small room and modest interior decoration.

Residents of expensive 4 and 5 star hotels can count on more comfortable service. Here you can find swimming pools, spas, and own health centers, gyms, jacuzzis, elite cuisine restaurants, etc. But the main difference is the rooms – they are more spacious, many are decorated with antiques or their skillful imitations.

In Amsterdam, there are hotels without stars at all, this is not reflected in the level of service and conditions, it is just that the owner of the establishment, most likely, decided not to play games with the stars, but to focus on service.

Despite the impressive number of hotels, there is an eternal shortage of beds in Amsterdam, so it is customary to book rooms here much earlier than the intended trip, preferably a month or two in advance. By the way, booking for a long period is more profitable here than for a few days, you can call it discounts on wholesale. It is even cheaper to book a hotel online, which saves around 5%.

There are many cash free hotels in Amsterdam that do not accept cash, so a card or other electronic means of payment on vacation will not be superfluous.

Going on vacation to Holland and choosing where to stay in Amsterdam, you should prepare for the fact that many hotels, with all their advancement and luxury, are deprived of such a blessing of civilization as an elevator. Such an annoying inconvenience is often compensated by the fact that the hotel is located in a historical building of the 17-18 centuries and you can proudly tell your friends how you lived in a real palace.

A little about prices

When planning living expenses, one should not forget about the tourist tax in force in Amsterdam, it is 5.5% and is added when invoicing for hotel accommodation.

The tourist season in Amsterdam lasts from March to October – at this time, prices in hotels increase significantly, and even this does not affect the overcrowding of hotels.

Venice of the North, as Amsterdam is often called, suffers not only from the influx of tourists, but also from hordes of mosquitoes. Indulging in romance and checking into a hotel by the water channels, do not forget to stock up on insect repellent, which can pretty much spoil the rest of even the most luxurious hotel.

Considering the free nature of the city and the more than relaxed character of local residents, it will not be superfluous to inquire in advance about the procedures in the hotel. In some establishments, it is allowed to smoke marijuana openly and without hesitation right in the rooms and public areas. On the other hand, many hotels practice zero tolerance for any smoking throughout the entire territory. For heavy smokers, this can be a serious problem.

Approximate prices for accommodation:

  • 5 * hotels – from 150-300 €
  • Hotels 4 * – from 100 €
  • Hotels 3 * – 40-50 € and more.
  • Hotels 1 * and 2 * – from 30 €
  • Hostels – from 15 €

Specialty hotels in Amsterdam

Family hotels

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Family hotels are a great solution where you can stay in Amsterdam with your family and, most importantly, with your children. Such establishments provide children’s furniture – cribs in rooms, highchairs in dining rooms, etc. As a rule, hotels have a children’s room or club, toys, outdoor playgrounds, children’s meals and drinks are served for breakfast. Many hotels provide free accommodation for children of a certain age.

Among the features of family hotels are rooms – here you can find two and three-room apartments, where there is enough space for everyone, and the conditions are as close to home as possible.

Family hotels are located most often near parks and other walking places, in quiet quarters.

Hotels: NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam Furnished Apartments, Prinsenhuis Design Apartments Amsterdam, XO Hotels Blue Square, Holiday Inn Amsterdam.

Business hotels

Such establishments are aimed at business travelers, which implies an active schedule and increased requirements for comfort.

First-class rooms are backed by thoughtful service and meticulous attention to the wishes of the guests. And entertainment elements are being replaced by conference rooms and business centers. However, this does not mean that business hotels are completely devoid of infrastructure for recreation – swimming pools, gyms and massages, as well as gourmet restaurants can be found here. And in specially equipped offices with office equipment, the Internet and a calm atmosphere, the client can always work or conduct business negotiations.

Hotels: NH Amsterdam Schiller, Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam / Arena Boulevard, Hampshire Hotel – Amsterdam American, Hilton Amsterdam, Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam, Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht.

Hotels on the water

To visit Amsterdam and stay in a houseboat is a classic of local tourism. Floating hotels are hotels equipped on cruise ships, motor ships and other floating facilities. These are the most exotic places to stay in Amsterdam, and living on the water does not at all mean giving up the usual joys of life: there are enough swimming pools, spas, restaurants, billiards here. But no hotel on land can offer to soak up the spacious deck with stunning sea views or spend a romantic night in a comfortable cabin, far from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

This also includes houseboats – accommodation organized in boats and small boats and designed for a limited number of guests. Usually equipped with household amenities – kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Hotels: Hercules Seghers, Manta, Asile Flottant, Prinsenboot, Houseboat PrinsHeerlijk, Hotelboat Fiep, Amstel Botel.

Areas to live

Amsterdam is divided into seven main districts, within which there are lovely streets and bustling boulevards, offering all kinds of pleasures, from low-lying and even vulgar to sophisticated, highly moral and, without a doubt, soulful. They are named very simply – in accordance with their location, it is easier to navigate, and tourists do not have to memorize unnecessary names, which are difficult to pronounce and memorable for guests from afar.

  • Center (Central).
  • Nord (North).
  • Oud-Zuid (Southwest).
  • Zuyd (South).
  • New West (New West).
  • West (Western).
  • Ost (East).

Central District

All city roads lead here – to the center. One name speaks for itself – it is the center of cultural and entertainment life, the abode of tourist aspirations, the business center and, of course, the accumulation of the most valuable and dear to the heart of the Dutch cultural monuments. Here is the famous quarter of debauchery – Red Light District and Dam Square, the Royal Palace and much more.

As expected, most of the capital’s hotels are located here, so there are a lot of places in the Center where to stay in Amsterdam. True, in the high season there are no vacant rooms even here, if you do not take care of booking in advance.

In addition to luxurious palace hotels, there are many hostels, including five-star ones, you can find small hotels with reasonable prices. The streets are strikingly different from each other: some offer calmness and tranquility, lacking in a vacation family idyll, others invite you to break away and madness until the early morning.

It’s funny, but the most interesting and popular tourist area – Red Light District – offers the cheapest accommodation. There are few who want to settle on the street of harlots, so the cost of hotels is moderate to the possibilities of young people and students, who are residents of local institutions.

Hotels: Ambassade, Estherea, Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, Banks Mansion, Ibis Amsterdam Center, Misc Eatdrinksleep, The Hoxton, Canal House Suites at Sofitel Legend The Grand, Luxury Suites Amsterdam, Radisson Blu, NH Barbizon Palace, Prinsenhof, NH Grand Krasnapolsky, DoubleTree by Hilton Centraal Station, Moevenpick City Center.

Northern region

A remote and uninteresting area, it stands apart from the rest of the city. It is built up mainly with dull box houses and has little to do with the magical architecture of the old city. Living here is rather boring and uninteresting, but cheap. There are few hotels, the only interesting object may be the Het Twiske recreation area.

Where to stay in Amsterdam in the North: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam, ClinkNOORD Hostel, Asile Flottant, Sir Adam Hotel, NDSM Serviced Apartments.

Southwest region

A popular tourist area, rich in attractions and entertainment. There are concert halls, expensive shops and boutiques, exhibitions and museums. A whole quarter is dedicated to museums, which is named so – Museum. It houses the Van Gogh Museum, the Heiniken Brewery Museum and many equally fascinating exhibitions. For walks, Vondelpark is ideal, where guests with children are primarily sent.

Hotels: Hotel Okura Amsterdam, NH Amsterdam Museum Quarter, Hotel Max, Omega Hotel Amsterdam, Enjoy Apartments Vondelpark.

Western region

The area is completely sleeping and attracts only with pleasant housing prices, but if you decide to stay in Holland, you will not find a better place.

Hotels: Hotel Espresso, Prinsenhotel, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Vondelpark, Flynt B&B, WestCord Art Hotel.

The rest of the areas are not of interest and are removed from the center to be considered as options for where to stay in Amsterdam.

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