Want to become a full-time travel blogger? That’s how you do that!

Would you like to change your life and have you been interested in combining travel and work for a while? Is what we do for you actually a dream? This article is for those who would also like to travel the world as a travel blogger, but first of all want to know whether this work is realistic to do remotely. And also for the travel enthusiast who does not aspire to a life as a full-time travel blogger, but just wants to do it on the side, this article is very interesting.

Travel is one of the many things that many people have had to put on the back burner due to the corona crisis. If you had to go abroad for work, it became very complicated. In many countries, tourism has completely come to an end. And even if it was possible to go to that country, the question was whether you could come back. Many flights were canceled because they were almost empty. Restaurants were closed because they had no turnover. Summer jobs abroad were virtually non-existent. As a travel blogger, I was also at home more than usual and regularly shared my ‘office’ with two new colleagues, aged 6 and 5. No press trips, no information meetings, no submitting content for social media, print titles or magazines.

Fortunately, the tide seems to have turned. As long as you are in possession of a corona passport, you can go on holiday or on a business trip to almost all destinations. Most countries welcome us again with open arms, because they can use tourism after last year. An ideal moment to spread your wings as a novice digital nomad and travel to Santiago, Kigali or Windhoek. This will certainly provide unique content and if the unexpected is not flown home from Chile, Rwanda or Namibia, that is not immediately a problem. Because with your laptop (and internet) you can work anywhere, even from a tropical island. If you opt for a little more certainty, you will leave for Spain or Poland. In principle, you can always come home again.

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Living as a digital nomad

You can ask yourself specifically which jobs are feasible to do remotely. If you only have a laptop and a good internet connection, you will come a long way as a graphic designer, writer, online marketer or translator. Although networking is also important, with certain jobs you can find excellent assignments online. Editing videos, designing logos, building websites, online coaching. But count on it that you will have to work quite a lot and that it will certainly not be a fat pot for the first time. But in many Asian and Eastern European countries, life doesn’t have to be expensive at all, so if you save in advance, you can probably survive there for a while as a digital nomad or remote worker. And in between you will undoubtedly meet many other digital nomads who might give you new ideas.

Becoming a digital nomad manual and step-by-step plan
All about trending locations and living as a digital nomad

Become a travel blogger

Isn’t this what you’re looking for, ‘just’ location-independent work as a freelancer who loves to travel? Then a travel blogger or influencer might be a better fit for you. Your job basically consists of traveling around the world, encountering the most beautiful places. Organize your own time, enjoy working every day, collaborate with great companies and destinations, and experience many great things. It seems like an ideal picture and if life as a travel blogger suits you, it is.

The great travel bloggers travel the world and can live well off their blog, even earn a full income from it. It is therefore not surprising that more and more travel blogs are popping up. There are few risks in taking the plunge into becoming a travel blogger. It is not that difficult, but perseverance is required. Because certainly since there are so many travel blogs, it is not so easy to get in and distinguish yourself.

Starting a travel blog – from dreaming to doing

In the Netherlands alone there are hundreds of travel blogs and before you get started, it is smart to first delve into what is already there. Think carefully about what you would like your future travel blog to look like and what you want to write about. Don’t let the fact that there are so many others stop you, but do what you’re good at, stay close to yourself and have a good plan.

If you really have the ambition to set up a paid travel blog, it is important to invest well in your blog. A paid website with its own domain name looks a lot more professional than a free website. Also invest in marketing and search engine optimization so that you reach as many people as possible with your stories. In other words, if you want to become a full-time professional travel blogger, take your blog seriously from the start.

There are also a few handy tricks to make sure your travel blog is a success. First of all you need a buy notebook. Very old-fashioned, but the best way to quickly jot things down. Of course you want to tell your followers as much as possible about your experiences. It is then useful to make notes in between so that you do not forget anything in the article. In addition, you need to buy a good camera or a phone that can shoot decent pictures. Beautiful photos undeniably give your blog extra cachet and often attract extra readers.

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Little Adams Peak

Find a niche

Then it is important to follow your own path and choose a specific target group that you want to appeal to. For example, you can target your blogs to backpackers, expats or traveling families. Or you write a blog about a specific country. If you mix everything up, it’s quickly seen as chaotic. So focus on a specific direction and therefore target group. This also makes it a lot easier for yourself. In addition, give your visitors useful information, travel tips and experiences. It’s not only nice when people can learn from your stories; it is even necessary to reach more people than just family, friends and some casual followers on social media.

An additional advantage: in the hectic pace of all travel blogs, people often attach (too) much value to unique visitors and reach on social media. A great opportunity for micro-influencers in a particular niche to stand out and break through the barriers of these numbers.

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Investing in knowledge is the best gift you can give to yourself if you want to make travel blogging your business. Because if you enrich yourself, your company can also grow. There is endless learning in the field of writing, photography, video, (affiliate) marketing and SEO. In addition, you must learn all the skills necessary to monetize your travel site; how negotiation works, how you can increase your readership, how you set up a content strategy, how tax returns work, … There are many courses, workshops and e-books offered online and there are various webinars and conferences (worldwide) focused on travel blogging and social media, which are more than worth it.

Hard work

You also have to be very determined. Your followers regularly expect content with fun photos and stories. With this you can put yourself on the map. You should certainly not underestimate the work, because a lot of time goes into writing and publishing new articles, selecting and possibly editing your photos and updating your social media. You have to deliver quality and substantive articles that are still well read years later. And reserve time for research, administration, technical matters, negotiations, making reports, meetings, … Organizing your time well and monitoring your free time is done conveniently with a agenda.

It takes a lot of time to grow a travel blog and social media channels. And it usually takes a while, at least a year, before you finally start monetizing your blog and you can reap the fruits of your work. Setting up a successful blog is not something you do for a while, but it takes a long breath. Success does not come overnight. So only stop your job when you have a stable base and sufficient savings.

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Make money with your blog

It takes time for you to have a travel blog from which you earn a full income or not. You need a large reach to make your revenue models work well for you. A significant audience that reads your travel blogs and more and more followers to your social media channels. Networking is therefore a plus, if not a must. With fellow travel bloggers and with PR, marketing and influencer agencies. And don’t forget that creating and maintaining a travel blog is more than traveling, taking photos and writing texts. It is also important to evaluate, keep an eye on the numbers of your blog. This way you can learn what works and what doesn’t, and gather information about exactly what your audience expects.

Once you’ve built up a solid base of loyal followers, you’ll see that grabbing a slice can be enough. Because the bigger your audience becomes, the more you can ask for a mention on your blog. Then there are ultimately many ways to monetize your blog. Think of advertisements, sponsored posts on your website or social media, paid product reviews, affiliate marketing (commission), press trips or selling photos. Maybe one day you will no longer be offered a “free night” as if you won the lottery, but you will be paid to discover beautiful places and create content. With these tips you come a lot closer to realizing your dream job!

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