Vietnam starts planning reopening for tourists with vaccine passports

The date of Vietnam’s reopening for tourism is still uncertain. As of today, only a very limited number of essential workers are allowed to enter. 21-day quarantine and PCR are required.

However, since last month, the local media has reported that the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam is working with relevant agencies to try to reopen to vaccinated tourists around July 2021.

Vietnam inaugurating tourism – latest updates


April 4

A few days ago, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc asked his ministers to start working on a plan to reopen international struggles and also to prepare the necessary protocols to start using “vaccine passports”.

Vietnam is one of the most successful countries in the world in containing the spread of the virus. In the beginning, the government implemented centralized quarantines, effective contact tracking and quick blocks.

“The war on the virus is not over and there is still a lot to do.” said the prime minister. Thus, it is expected that this potential reopening will be slow and with multiple restrictions. The government has not yet released further information on the matter.

March 12

The potential reopening for vaccinated tourists has not yet been officially confirmed. However, the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism said that the government is working on the possibility of creating so-called vaccinated passports to identify those who have already been immunized and – may – reopen the country to this type of visitors.

Vaccination implementation

Vietnam started its vaccination program on 8 March. The country hopes to reach a limited group of people from priority groups, such as health professionals, employees who work in quarantined places, essential service workers and elderly people over 65 with chronic diseases for the time being.

February 14th

Vietnamese authorities extended the quarantine to 21 days, instead of the previous 14. The cause is the threat that new strains of COVID-19 on different continents pose to the Vietnamese population. (Source)

The country has approved the use of AstraZeneca vaccines, but has not yet received its first shipment of the 30 million promised doses. (Source)

What is open in Vietnam at the moment?

Due to low coronavirus cases, the country has been slowly reopening some tourist spots, mainly for local tourists.

  • March 12: Quang Ninh authorities reopened bars, nightclubs, video game centers, cinemas and karaoke rooms.
  • March 9: Ho Chi Minh city authorities reopened some of its gyms, fitness centers and pubs.
  • March 8: Vietnam has started vaccination, starting with frontline workers and health workers in 13 cities and provinces that have had an outbreak.
  • March 2: Hanoi authorities have decided to reopen local restaurants and cafés with limited capacity.
  • (Source)

What is the current situation with COVID-19 in Vietnam?

Vietnam is considered a success story in containing the devastation of the pandemic. As of April 4, the country had recorded 2,626 positive cases and 35 deaths.

The country acted quickly as soon as information about the virus was made available. He closed its borders in early March and quarantined and tested returning citizens in government centers. Widespread testing and contact tracking took place.

Although the current blockades are expected to have an economic impact on the country, people are optimistic. There is great confidence in the government thanks to its successful response at the beginning of the year. The projections are good that the economic repercussions will be moderate.

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Travelers in Vietnam

Vietnam airport

Since March 22, 2020, Vietnam’s borders have been closed to tourists. Only Vietnamese citizens and those conducting official or essential business were allowed to enter the country.

All who arrived were subjected to tests and quarantine for 14 days.

Although no new tourist visas are currently being issued for Vietnam, the country has extended temporary residence to foreigners who entered the country after March 1, 2020. The government has extended this stay permit every few months.

These visitors must complete an online medical declaration and provide the location where they reside.

Foreigners must follow the same rules as local residents. They will be fined for failing to wear a mask in public or following other rules.

Vietnam attracts tourism from around the world

Street in Vietnam

Dating from 2,000 BC, Vietnam has one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia. Since then, it has been influenced by both the Chinese and the Khmer, Indian and, of course, the French, who colonized the country.

One area where French influence can still be seen is the country’s coffee culture. This makes it unique in a region best known for tea.

The cuisine is also unique and delicious. From refreshing soups to French-inspired sandwiches and delicious tropical fruits.

There are also beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains and budget accommodation. People are generally friendly. One way to experience the local culture is to shop at the roadside markets. Here, visitors will not only find delicious food, they will also be able to buy local handicrafts.

Guided tours can take visitors through a variety of natural wonders. In the north, there are many limestone lakes and caves.

In central Vietnam, visitors enjoy strolling through the red and white sand dunes. In the southern part of the country, the Mekong Delta offers an insight into an old way of life with its floating and riverside houses. It is also rich in biodiversity – 10,000 new species have been found here.


Vietnam is an interesting and beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Although it is currently experiencing another resurgence of the coronavirus, given the speed with which the government has put things under control, there is hope that the country will be able to open to tourists soon.

When that happens, it will be a great place to visit with its stunning natural beauty, ancient culture and delicious food and coffee.

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