Video calling with a tablet – the perfect accessories

A tablet is an ideal device to take with you on a trip. It’s bigger than your smartphone but more compact than a laptop. You can also make video calls with it. For example, you can let family and friends enjoy the most beautiful places or just have a chat. A problem that often occurs in that case, however, is that you can get very tired arms from holding your tablet for a long time. The tablet can also easily be damaged while on the road. Would you like a solution for this and are you curious about more handy accessories that you can use during video calling? Then be sure to read on!

A tablet is ideal to take with you on a trip. In this blog we recommend useful accessories for video calling with family and friends during your holiday.

Put your tablet in a sturdy stand

Having tired arms from holding a tablet for a long time can be extremely annoying. After all, you want to have full attention for the person you’re calling with and you don’t want to get distracted from the topic of conversation, because your tablet becomes too heavy to hold. You may have tried leaning your tablet against something during a call to avoid having to hold it. However, this can be quite risky. If you let your expensive device lean against something loose, there is a chance that your tablet will fall over and be damaged. In that case, you’d better table stand for your tablet use. You can place such a standard on the table, for example, and then place your tablet in it. That way, your device is safe and you have your hands free during video calling.

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A handy tablet case with stand

In addition to the option for a separate stand, it is also possible to use a tablet when using a tablet tablet sleeve in which a standard function is incorporated. With such a product you can protect your tablet well and easily place it on the table. Various covers are available for tablets, whereby it is possible to put the device upright. For example, you can choose a children’s cover or all kinds of iPad cases. Such a cover is in almost all cases provided with a fold-out part with which you can transform the cover into a stand for your tablet.

Another variant of the tablet cover that you can use to put your device upright on the table is the swivel cover. This variant cover for the tablet is available for almost every type of tablet. It is a variant of a book cover, in which a rotating mechanism is incorporated. This allows you to place the tablet upright in both portrait mode and landscape mode. So you can decide for yourself what you like best with this variant cover.

Make sure you are well understood

One of the most common annoyances during video calling is that your conversation partner cannot understand you well. In most cases this is due to a faulty microphone, which is not close enough to your mouth. In that case, you can good headphones purchase. This is because it often contains a microphone, which is perfectly able to pick up your voice well. That way your conversation partner can understand you a lot better. When selecting headphones, we recommend that you check whether the product really has a microphone. In some cases, there is no microphone incorporated in the product. You can usually easily check this via the product description on the product page of the relevant headphones.

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By the way, having headphones works both ways. You are more intelligible to your conversation partner, but at the same time you can also hear your conversation partner a lot better if the sound comes directly into your ears through your headphones. This is a great advantage, especially if you make video calls in a noisy room.

Video calling with a tablet

With the previous video calling accessories you make it a lot easier for yourself and having a conversation via a video calling app also becomes a lot more fun. So do you take your tablet with you on a trip? Then these accessories cannot be missed in your luggage! Do you have any handy tips for video calling with a tablet? Then share it in a comment at the bottom of this article. Thank you!

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