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Yes, we can travel by plane again! Now that many countries have reopened to Dutch tourists – and the Netherlands to foreign tourists – countless travelers will visit one of the most important hubs in the world in the coming weeks: Schiphol. Average travel there about 200,000 people every day through the airport. As a result, passengers may queue longer during peak times. Especially on certain days during the summer holidays. So go well prepared for your trip with our useful tips for a smooth departure from Schiphol.

Schiphol top 10 summer vacation tips

Together with Schiphol, we have drawn up a top 10 tips for travelers for a smooth departure during the summer holidays

Before you travel: CoronaCheck app

From 1 July you can use the . as a Dutch traveler Corona check App when you travel to EU countries and to Schengen countries. With the CoronaCheck App you show your corona proof (QR code) stating that you:

  • are (fully) vaccinated or;
  • have recently tested negative or;
  • have recently had corona yourself.

CoronaCheck app

You can show the QR code that is created in the app on your mobile or print it out at Schiphol. Would you rather not use the CoronaCheck app? Which can. The app is not mandatory. You can also travel with another valid negative test or vaccination certificate, if it meets the requirements of the country of your destination. You must always complete the Dutch health declaration. More information about the CoronaCheck App can be found at:

Schiphol test street

Do you have one very soon PCR test with travel certificate so you can still catch the plane? This is possible with the fastest PCR test in the Netherlands, performed with LAMP technique. Within 15 to 30 minutes after taking the test you will receive the test result and a worldwide recognized travel certificate in your email. Click for more information about the Schiphol test street.

Wearing a mouth cap at Schiphol is mandatory

Everywhere at Schiphol you must (where possible) adhere to the 1.5 meter distance and wearing a mouth cap is mandatory. This is especially important in queues, such as at check-in, security control, boarding and alighting, where you may be asked to stand a little closer together when busy. Children up to the age of 12 do not have to wear a mouth cap. It is wise to take wextra mouth caps with you on holiday, also for your children. Because it is possible that different corona rules apply in the country you are flying to.

Schiphol is committed to a flying start to the summer holidays

Good preparation is half the job. This applies to Schiphol and its partners, but also to travelers. And certainly with the current corona measures. Travelers can themselves contribute to ensuring that all checks at the airport run smoothly. Whether it’s check-in, security or passport control. Together with Schiphol, we have drawn up a top 10 of tips for travelers.

1. Be on time

We ourselves travel a lot with our young children and we already calculate an extra hour. So it may be a cliché, but we can’t say it often enough: make sure you arrive at Schiphol well in time. At least three hours in advance, for both European and intercontinental flights. And do you travel around rush hour? Then you have to be very careful. Don’t let a traffic jam on the highway or a delayed train jeopardize your holiday and leave an hour earlier.

from Schiphol with children

I’d rather watch planes with the kids for an hour than have to rush to catch the flight on time.

“Anyone who wants to travel to Schiphol by public transport would do well to obtain information in advance via the NS Travel Planner. Be sure to leave early!”

2. Check in at home

At the check-in counters at Schiphol, the crowds often start already. Are you only traveling with hand luggage? Then you can save a lot of time by checking in online in advance. This can often be done 24 hours before your flight departs. Simply download your ticket on your smartphone and you’re good to go! Those who fly with KLM can even receive their boarding pass via Facebook Messenger, and you will also receive additional flight information about the current departure times and the gate.

Tip: bring your own disinfecting hand gel in your hand luggage. Check to be sure whether the hand gel is in a package of maximum 100 ml.

3. Check in online parking space

The following applies to motorists: check in advance whether there is parking space. An airport spokesperson said that there are still plenty of parking spaces available, but it is best to check in online.

4. Travel without hand luggage

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In an earlier article we already gave tips for packing your backpack or suitcase. travel light is our motto. So are you going for a short city trip this summer or do you have a large suitcase that needs to be checked in anyway? Then travel without hand luggage! In July, Schiphol will start an experiment in departure halls 1, 2 and 3: if you arrive at the security check without bags or trolleys, you will be given priority. In this way, the airport hopes to speed up a rapid throughput.

Schiphol small bags only

Priority for travelers with little luggage at Schiphol

5. Set aside ‘suspicious’ items

Laptops, tablets and smartphones may seem harmless, but airports have strict rules around electronics. So make sure that you always remove it from your suitcase or bag and place it visibly on the baggage carousel. The same applies to all bottles and jars with liquids that you take with you on a trip. If you have neatly put your belt and watch in a luggage box, the alarm will still ring because of a shoe sole or a forgotten earring. Therefore, err on the side of caution and place any items that may contain metal in a container on the conveyor belt.

6. Be ready with your papers

Always have your important documents, such as your ID card, passport and (mobile) boarding pass at hand. That way you don’t have to dig in your bag or suitcase every time a customs officer asks for your papers. That saves time and stress.

7. Check if your travel documents are still valid

Check well before departure whether your passport/identity card/visa is still valid. In addition, the Marechaussee advises single parents with minor children to bring ‘a consent form to travel with minors’. If the consent of the other authoritative parent is not available or is not clear, an additional investigation will take place. There is a good chance that parents will miss their flight as a result.

8. Don’t take pictures

Employees of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee generally do not like it when you stand in line to film or take pictures. And let’s face it, would you like it if you were photographed all day while practicing your profession? Therefore, leave your phone or tablet for what it is and only take pictures when you have cleared customs. This way you reduce the chance of being picked out for an extra check.

Body scanners at Schiphol

Body scanner at Schiphol (photo: Natalie Tsetos)

9. Keep an eye on your stuff

Do not leave your suitcase or backpack unattended! The security services at Schiphol have their hands full with left behind luggage. Any report of a suitcase that has been left unattended, no matter how innocent, is taken very seriously by the military police.

Suitcase at Schiphol

Never leave your luggage unattended. Marechaussee Schiphol has hands full of unattended suitcases. (photo: Natalie Tsetos)

10. Choose strategically

You probably know the feeling: you think you have chosen the apparently shortest row, but you still have to wait longer than your neighbor. There is unfortunately no golden tip for this problem, but you can pay attention to certain things. For example, do not support families with children, but rather businessmen with briefcases. They travel a lot, so there is a good chance that they will zoom through the baggage check in no time.

And a few more tips submitted by our readers:

  • in Lounge 1 there is a roof terrace at the Park Cafe where you can enjoy the fresh air before you fly
  • put your suitcase on the scale at home. The number of kilos you can take with you is often stated on your ticket
  • take off your belt at security and take your phone and other items out of your pocket. So you don’t have to do that until it’s your turn
  • do you have to wait? Then check the quickest way to get to the gate. This way you don’t have to look for the way after the safety check

Do you also have any nice tips? Let us know by email or by commenting on this article. Wonderful holiday!

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