US Embassy Urges Americans to Avoid Traveling to Mexico on Spring Break

The US Embassy is asking Americans to avoid traveling to Mexico on spring break or other non-essential trips, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to a health and safety statement issued on March 4, the United States government said that most areas of Mexico are still under control of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, all Americans who visit the country will have to prove that they are free of COVID upon returning to the United States.

“US citizens should reconsider spring break and other non-essential trips to Mexico due to COVID-19,” said the US Embassy on its website. “Cases and hospitalizations remain high in most of Mexico. Consular services, such as emergency passport consultations, are limited in many places due to the pandemic. “

According to data provided by Reuters, there were 2,130,477 COVID-19 infections and 190,923 coronavirus-related deaths reported in Mexico since the start of the pandemic. However, the average number of new infections daily has dropped.

us embassy urges americans to avoid traveling to mexico on spring break

As of March 9, there were an average of 5,885 new infections reported each day, which is a drop of more than 2,600 compared to three weeks ago. Overall, daily infections have fallen by approximately 66% since they peaked on January 21.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a Level 4 travel health warning to Mexico in February.

The notice recommended that US citizens avoid all travel to the country. He also urged Americans to avoid all unnecessary domestic and international travel because it is difficult to practice social distance measures at airports and other transportation hubs.

Although the number of trips in the U.S. is still well below pre-pandemic levels, air travel has been on an upward trend in recent weeks. In fact, the number of passengers at all US airports exceeded 1 million every four days in February, according to data from the Transportation Security Administration.

us embassy urges americans to avoid traveling to mexico on spring break

Mexico uses a color-coded system to identify the level of coronavirus cases in various regions, with red representing high numbers of cases, orange and yellow representing moderate numbers of cases and green representing low numbers of cases. Popular tourist destinations like Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta are currently classified as yellow.

Cancún, which is a hot spot for tourists in the United States, is expected to have 49.5% occupancy in hotels over the weekend of March 12-14, which is low compared to other beach destinations in Mexico.

Under current US travel restrictions, Americans returning from Mexico must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result obtained within 72 hours of departure.

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