US cities experience the biggest increase in airfares

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and massive crew shortages led to an increase in airfares not seen since 1963 for a single month.

Some cities, however, are having more difficulties than others. That’s according to a new study looking at the rise in airfares this year.

CheapAir.comanalyzed 128 million airline tickets in April across US cities and determined that even the cheapest domestic flight was up 26% from 2021.

This is especially true in cities with smaller airports that serve smaller metropolitan areas.

According to the study, cities with the biggest increases include:

  1. Dayton, OH up to 42%– $109 more for each airfare
  2. Flint, MI up to 38%– $103 more for each airline ticket
  3. Greensboro, North Carolina up to 38%– $95 more for each airline ticket
  4. Des Moines, AI up to 36%– $99 more for each airline ticket
  5. Spokane, WA up to 35%– $107 more for each airfare
  6. Akron, OH up to 34%– $94 more for each airline ticket
  7. Cincinnati, OH up to 34%– $79 more for each airline ticket
  8. Little Rock, AR increased by 34%– $96 more for each airline ticket
  9. West Palm Beach, Florida, up 34%– $97 more for each airfare
  10. Grand Rapids, MI up to 33%– $89 more for each airfare

See the full ranking list of 74 US cities here.

“The wanderlust has returned with such intensity that industry experts have coined a new term for this post-pandemic enthusiasm – revenge travel,” the company wrote in the study. “Business travel hasn’t recovered as quickly, but it’s also on the rise. With demand accelerating in a sector still under-capacity, tariffs are rising and show no signs of slowing down.”

Increases were also observed at airports close to larger cities, but were not as considerable.

Domestic airfares at Newark Liberty International Airport, for example, are up 17% this year compared to 2021, while citizens of Houston, Texas only received a 15% increase. According to the study, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has seen the smallest increase in domestic flight prices this year, just 14%.

There are a number of strategies travelers can keep in mind to combat the current rise in airfare prices. These include:

  1. Booking tickets 76 days in advance on average
  2. For the best deals, travel in January and February. For summer holidays, travel in August for better prices and fewer crowds.
  3. Wednesday is the cheapest day to take a flight.
  4. See specific itineraries for the best times to book a vacation.
  5. Use booking protection that reimburses travelers up to $100 per airline ticket if prices drop after purchase.

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