Top 7 Beer Bars: Best Beer Bars in Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic is the land of lager. In other words, Prague and the Czech Republic have a reputation to uphold when it comes to beer. Fortunately, that is easy for them, in traditional beer rooms, but also in the trendy specialty beer bars that you come across more and more in the capital.

Because we know that it is sometimes difficult to choose from the wide range, and because we did not mind going through this test for you, we at Reishonger have already listed the seven best beer bars in Prague for you. You’re welcome!

Local Hamburk Prague Beer

Beer is an essential part of Czech culture, often drunk in traditional “locals”.

#1 Bad Flash Bar Karlín

With dot at the top is the Bad Flash Bar in Karlin. This specialty beer bar in the hip, up-and-coming district of Karlín has a wide range of specialty beers, both from their own brewery and from other microbrewers. The atmosphere is good and easy, the decor is simple but effective. It is an accessible bar with good service and above all excellent beer! If you are not near Karlín, there is also another location on Krymská!

#2 Fat Cat Beerhouse

Right in the old center of Prague, just behind the main square and the famous clocks, you will find it Fat Cat Beerhouse. A modern specialty beer bar with the biggest and tastiest hot dogs in the entire city. The interior is colorful and cozy, you can sit in the wide windows and enjoy watching everyone walking by in the streets. But the property is huge, so there are lots of other nooks, benches and places to sit and enjoy a taster of their special Czech beers!

Fat Cat Beer Prague - one of the best beer bars in Prague

Fat Cat tasters!

#3 BeerGeek

The name says it all, here at the BeerGeek Bar they absolutely love beer. Special beer that is. Fortunately, they have that in abundance here too. It is the home base of beer brewer Sibeeria and you will often find those beers on tap. But they also have a wide range of other brewers and also delicious food. The chicken wings are their specialty, and you can get them with the craziest marinades and flavors, so that alone is worth a try! The interior is cozy and very cosy, exactly what you hope to find in a beer bar. Take a taster, and discover the geeky world of beer! You can find it in the hip Vinohradská district.

#4 Lod Pivovar | The Beer Boat

The most striking beer café is perhaps the Lod Pivovarie, the beer boat. This bar is located on the water of the Vltava and serves its own brewed beers. A nice and special place where you naturally have a fantastic view over the river and the banks of the city. Any downside? In early autumn there are many spiders. Lots of spiders. But a warned person counts for two and after a few glasses that is undoubtedly no longer an issue!

Lod Pivovar Prague beer

#5 Club Benedict

Maybe not the place you would first come across in the city, but Pivovarský Klub Benedict is a small and cozy beer pub without fuss. The mix of visitors, from young groups of friends to businessmen tapping away a beer after work, sets the cafe apart from the rest. The atmosphere is friendly, the tables can easily be shared and, not unimportantly, the beer that is served is delicious. Recommended!

Fat Cat hot dogs

Don’t forget to have the important meals with the beer!

#6 Diego Beer Bar

Cozy, cosy, outside the center but oh so nice. Diego Beer Bar is the bar you would like to have under your apartment complex! The wooden interior is a bit old-fashioned, but the beers served are far from it! Located in the Karlín district, this is another popular spot for the locals, and can get packed on an average weekday. But don’t let that put you off; choose a cozy spot and enjoy the atmosphere!

Diego Beer Bar Prague

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Diego Beer Bar

#7 U Fleku

Because a traditional beer bar (or: local) should not be missing from this list, we close with You Fleku. This is beer as it is drunk in the Czech Republic. A large room, full of long tables where everyone can sit down. Large trays of light and dark beer are passed around and placed in front of you, after which the server peats on a leaf how many you have already consumed. Simple, effective and straightforward. In addition, U Fleku is located in the old center of Prague and because of its size, there are many rooms, all with completely different atmosphere and decoration, an attraction in itself!

Na zdravi!

U Fleku beer pub Prague

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