Top 6 Cancun Beaches You Should Explore in 2022

cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo offers many beautiful beaches. That’s why this sunny coastal resort is one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations.

The Cancun area has a lot to offer, including world-class shopping, dining and nightclubs, as well as the famous Mayan ruins found only in this part of Mexico.

But let’s talk about the beaches. They are the main reason why so many people flock to this area, and they range from long stretches of sand where you can enjoy a casual day at the beach, to luxurious resorts with their own private beaches.

The following is a list of the six best beaches in Cancun:

1. Playa Tortugas

Playa Tortugas Cancun

Located west of downtown Cancun, this is a small but often very busy beach filled with kiosks and restaurants (some even offer free beach chairs and towels). There is also a popular beach club known for its foam parties.
The main advantage of Playa Tortugas is that it has something for everyone. There are activities such as volleyball, basketball and football. There are also plenty of shops nearby if you want to buy some souvenirs or other local crafts typical of this area of ​​Mexico.

But what makes Playa Tortugas especially popular is that it doesn’t get too crowded until the weekend. And then it fills up, thanks to the locals who come here in droves from Thursday to Sunday for a day at the beach.

The downside is that sometimes there is a lot of algae, especially after a storm. But overall this is a very nice and clean beach with beautiful sand and near perfect water conditions if you don’t mind the occasional seaweed.

2. Playa Delfines (Playa Delfin)

It is one of the best beaches in Cancun, located west of downtown, close to the Hotel Zone. It has a large coral reef with lots of fish, so it’s popular with snorkelers. There are also kayaks for rent.

There are plenty of kiosks here, plus plenty of beach chairs and towels available (for a small fee) at the many beach clubs including bars and other facilities like food, tents. There’s even volleyball if you want to play with other people on this stretch of sand.

Some parts of the beach are a little rocky, but overall the sand is soft, white and very clean. The water conditions can’t be beaten as this stretch of beach offers some of the calmest water in Cancun.

3. Playa Marlin (Playa Palancar)

It is another very pleasant beach within the Zona Hoteleira area, located about 1.6 km west of the previous beach.

The water is very calm and crystal clear, making it a favorite for families with children. There is also a popular seafood restaurant on the beach if you want to have lunch.

There are palapas and chairs and towels at any of the many beach clubs along this stretch of sand.

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If you want a luxurious experience, Playacar Palace also has its own private beach club within walking distance of the royal beach. The only problem with this area is that it can get very crowded during holiday weekends or when special events are happening in Cancun.

4. The Embarcadero

It is a great spot for diving with white sand and calm waters. There are also boat trips available to take you out into the big blue.

There’s plenty of beach access here, plus plenty of beach kiosks and chairs (for a fee) at several beach clubs known for their quality food. The area is busy on weekends and holidays, but it’s not as crowded here as other areas.

5. Playa Caracol (Playa Tortugas)

Playa Caracol Cancun

Located east of downtown Cancun, this stretch of clean white sand is great for walking and relaxing among the charming beachfront resorts. There are restaurants and kiosks nearby, as well as activities such as volleyball for those who want to play in the sand.

There are also parasailing tours available here, where you can float over Cancun’s famous blue waters and get incredible views from the hotels on this side of town.

6. Playa Marinero (Playa Langosta)

It is located halfway between the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun. There are plenty of kayaks available here if you want to take a tour of Cancun’s famous coastal area.

Beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, food stalls, restaurants, bars and other amenities are available at various beach clubs. The water is calm so this is a nice place to spend the day. It gets busy on weekends, but not on weekdays or holidays.
Can Cancun beaches be bathed?

Well, not all are. There are spots where the water is too rough for swimming. But overall, Cancun has some of the best beaches in Mexico, and you could easily spend an entire day by the sea relaxing or swimming.

It’s certainly worth stopping at one or more of these amazing beaches during your next visit to Cancun.

Cancun is one of the places to go if you are an avid beach lover. Almost every beach but one has turquoise water, white sand, and many hotels with bars, restaurants, and other amenities.

Over time there have been many developments on these beaches, which means that many areas can get overcrowded, especially during holidays and special events. However, some areas remain relatively untouched by development, so you can still enjoy the natural beauty of these beaches.

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