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San Francisco is a popular North American city to visit next to New York. San Francisco was the hippie city in the United States in the 1960s and also has a large LGBT community. Now San Francisco is home to many technology companies such as Google and Facebook. That part of town is also called “Silicon Valley.” The city has almost a million inhabitants and many unique sights. These are the highlights of San Francisco:

San Francisco attractions

There is so much to do in San Francisco. These are the special sights of the city.

Golden Gate Bridge

New York has the Statue of Liberty and San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge. The beautiful red bridge was built in 1937 and was then the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world. It’s on the other side of the bridge Golden Gate Park National Recreation Area† This is a beautiful green park with hills and is a nice place to go for a walk. You will also find the cozy town Sausalito† You can cross the Golden Gate Bridge on foot, by bike or by car.

The cable car

San Francisco

This is also a real icon for San Francisco. The city streets are regularly very steep. The cable car made it easier to climb these streets. Currently, there are still three trams active and the trams are used mainly by tourists.

Lombard Street

This street is very steep and has eight hairpin bends. It is a beautiful photogenic street. Come here to see how people run down with difficulty. Do you want to try it yourself? So make sure to start on the right side, because the narrow street has (of course) one-way traffic.

Also check out this fun ride:

Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco

This pier is a touristy but cozy place. There are still a few fishing boats and there are good fish restaurants. In addition, there are all sorts of attractions and shops. You can also see sea lions recovering in the sun. Also nice: The aquarium on Pier 39.

China by

The Chinese city of San Francisco is very impressive. The district arose when many Chinese came to San Frascico to work on the railroads. There are many temples in China Town, but you will also find a lot of shops with Chinese goods and even a Chinese hospital.

Experience China Town with these top activities:

Alcatraz Island

San Francisco

This island is off the coast of San Francisco and can be reached by boat from Fisherman’s Wharf. A fortress was built on the island in 1850, which was converted into a prison in 1907. For years, the Alcatraz prison had a notorious reputation for being brutally treated. One of the famous prisoners was Al Capone. Now the prison is open to the public and you can see it from inside.


This hippie neighborhood has very atmospheric streets with beautiful stately houses. Although the district is already a bit more commercial, you will still find many fine hippie shops with primarily vintage clothing and unique furniture.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This is one of the leading modern art museums. It was the first museum on the west coast of North America to specialize in modern and contemporary art. The museum has 26,000 different works. Would you like to see it? Buy your ticket to the museum here

San Francisco

Tips San Francisco

  • San Francisco may be in California, but that does not mean the weather is always good. It can be very windy or foggy. Therefore, bring enough warm clothing when you visit San Francisco.
  • San Francisco is a relatively small city and has quite a few narrow streets. Experience the city on foot or by bike
  • You have the best view of the city from Grand View Park (hence the name;)). It’s a bit of a climb, but the views are truly breathtaking.

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