Things To Do In Singapore: 15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions

Approximately 18 million travelers visit Singapore every year: everyone is familiar with the city of the same name in Singapore and Sentosa Island. What to see in Singapore? The tourist can see futuristic skyscrapers, one of the highest Ferris wheel in the world, mirrors to scare away evil spirits.

Singapore holiday season

Planning to spend a vacation in the city-state of Singapore? Holidays here are good at any time of year: spring (+27-28˚C) is suitable for visiting parks, spending time at beach resorts and participating in festivals, autumn (+30˚C) is good for walking, taking sun and water procedures, winter (+24-28˚C) is good for relaxing in thalassotherapy centers, sightseeing and shopping tours, and summer (+27-32˚C) is good for vacationing on Sentosa with its entertainment facilities (amusement rides, water park, oceanarium and others).

Top 15 interesting places in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

things to do in singapore: 15 top-rated tourist attractions

Marina Bay Sands is a hotel and casino. The complex includes 3 towers (each has 55 floors) with a large terrace-gondola equipped with a garden and a 150 m long outdoor pool (there are no visible edges, so the swimmers in it feel as if the pool breaks off at a height; only hotel guests can spend time there). Marina Bay Sands also has ice rinks, restaurants, theaters, a museum and exhibition center.

A visit to the observation deck will cost $16.60 for adults and $12.30 for children. To get to the hotel you can take buses number 518, 133, 502, 96.

Chinatown area

If you walk around Chinatown, a colorful and bustling district in the center of the Singapore capital, you will see 3-storeyed houses-shops (Chinese Baroque style), visit the Street of food (famous for its numerous fast food outlets) and night market, see the Chinese Buddhist temples, shop in Peoples Park Complex, Chinatown Point and other stores.

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

things to do in singapore: 15 top-rated tourist attractions

Visitors to Sentosa Park will see more than 3,000 species of insects. There are 1,500 common and rare butterflies flying in the greenhouse-like park. The Pupa House is worth checking out for the pupae in the glass greenhouses, which showcase the stages of butterfly emergence. Other attractions include the reptile area, the bird house (inhabited by colorful parrots) and the 70-meter “Safari Tunnel” with living there rhinoceroses, scorpions, stick beetles, goliath beetles, millipedes. Twice a day (opens at 09:30, closes at 19:00) there are shows starring iguanas, insects and birds.

Entrance fee is about $12.

Tiger Sky Tower

Tiger Sky Tower in downtown Sentosa is an observation deck at the foot of which is an air-conditioned booth glazed on all sides. The tower reaches a height of 110 meters and this booth will lift everyone up to 91 meters (those who go up will hear about the history of Sentosa and the location of the landmarks that can be seen from the observation deck). From there they can enjoy Singapore’s cityscape, the view over Sentosa Island and, on clear days, a glimpse of the Indonesian countryside.

The tower is open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and a ticket costs $13.

Fort Silozo

Fort Siloso on Sentosa is one of the gun batteries once located here. Visitors are invited to walk through the warehouses, tunnels, bunkers and ammunition storage areas, see British military uniforms worn on mannequins, the battle guns in the fort museum, and documents in the Surrender Hall (they tell the story of how the fort was surrendered several times). If you want you can shop in the souvenir store and spend time on the public beach, because the fort is located near the sea.

Hours of operation: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (every day); tickets: adults $8.70, seniors (60+) and 3-12 year olds $6.60.

Sri Marimman

The Sri Mariamman Temple (Dravidian style), a landmark in Singapore’s Chinatown, displays 2 statues of the goddess Mariamman, Periya Amman and Sinnah Amman. The temple is famous for its 6-level gate tower (in 1960 it was decorated with sculptures), original columns, paintings, statues of gods.

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In the temple Sri Marimman worth visiting during the ongoing Hindu festivals, such as the festival Timiti (October-November), dedicated to walking on burning coals.

The temple is free to enter (shoes must be removed), but a fee will be charged for those who want to take pictures.

things to do in singapore: 15 top-rated tourist attractions

Jurong Bird Park

The bird park (adult ticket costs $21 and children $13.70) is located on Jurong Hill. The park has several themed areas: “Penguin Coast” has more than 200 penguins (there is a gallery with a 30-meter window that allows you to watch penguins underwater), “World of Darkness” has a unique lighting system and created conditions for the life of different birds (the Polar Owl is “spoiled” with snow, and yellow fish owl – mangroves), in “Pavilion with waterfall” has an aviary with 1500 free-flying birds, A 30-meter waterfall of artificial origin and planted with bamboo, grasses and 125 varieties of trees, in the “River Bay” you can see turtles and fish, in the “African Wetlands” – storks, And there is an amphitheater where flamingos, parrots, hawks and other birds “perform”.

Clarke Key Promenade

Clark Key Promenade beckons travelers with boutiques, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, floating cafes, and bars with live music. Along the streets of the waterfront is nice to walk along the sultry days and nights, as they are all equipped with cooling installations. Tourists will be able to see the numerous sculptures (at night they are illuminated), the bridge in the form of a DNA molecule, buildings in the form of durian (the fruit) and lotus flower … In addition to land walk is worth to afford to go on a night mini-cruise on the river streetcar, and try out the attraction G-Max Reverse Bungy (in an open capsule brave enough to climb to a height of 60 meters, moving at a speed of 200 km / h).

Sultan Hussein Mosque

Sultan Hussein Mosque can accommodate 5000 people and is only open to male Muslims. But women can pray in the 2nd floor gallery.

The decoration of the prayer hall are the carpets and the arched spans (8) equipped with 6 columns on each side. As for the 4 minarets and 2 domes, they are made in Arabic style with Moorish motifs, well, the roof of the mosque is framed with 40 spires.

Fountain of Wealth

The Fountain of Wealth can be found in the center of Singapore, next to the Suntec City Mall. The fountain is built according to feng shui: all its elements are endowed with deep meaning, and it itself is a symbol of life and wealth. Those who want to attract money should do a special ritual: the moment when most of the fountain is turned off, you should come up to the small fountain, make a “money” wish and touch the water with your right hand. The hand should not be removed from the water until the fountain has been circled three times.

To avoid pandemonium access to the fountain is open from 10 am to noon, from 2 to 4 pm and 6 pm to 7:30 pm. And at 8 and 9 p.m. the fountain “shows” a laser show with music.

Laser show Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea is an enchanting light and music show during which everyone will see fireworks and dancing water jets (maximum height – 40 m), “telling” everyone about the sleeping beauty who fell in love with a young man (images projected on a water screen).

The 25-minute event, which also includes 7 actors, takes place on the sea shore (Siloso Beach) at 19:40 and 20:40, and every Saturday at 21:40 as well. It can be watched by up to 3,000 people. A regular spot costs $10, and a premium spot + a no line pass costs $15.

Statue of Merlion

things to do in singapore: 15 top-rated tourist attractions

Merlion is a creature in the form of a lion (head)-fish (torso): its 8-meter statue on a wave is the symbol of Singapore. It used to be by the Esplanade Bridge, but now it’s by the One Fullerton Hotel. The move is due to the fact that the statue was no longer visible from the sea when the bridge was completed.

Buses 700, 130, 761, 107, 128, 167, 196, 534, 868, 533, 951E, 589, 971E, 75, 10, 57, 162 can reach the Merlion statue.

Ferris Wheel

The 165-meter-long Singapore Fly Wheel is built into the terminal building, consisting of 3 floors with stores and restaurant bars. With air-conditioned booths (there are 28 and the Wheel takes 28 minutes to complete a full rotation) you can admire the center of Singapore and the surrounding areas within a radius of 45 km.

It is worth noting that the Singapore Fly is equipped with a VIP-cabin, where everyone can enjoy the panoramic views with a glass of champagne in hand. The fare for adults will cost $23.77 and $15.13 for children.

Gardens by the Bay

There are more than 220,000 plants to see in this tropical park. Admission to the park is free, but some of the greenhouses are accessible only with tickets (general admission is $28). The Flower Dome greenhouse has Mediterranean plants and the Cloud Forest has vegetation from the humid equatorial climate. The same greenhouse is equipped with a 35-meter waterfall.

The park is also famous for its 18 supertrees (they are 25-50 meters high) – concrete and iron structures in the form of futuristic trees with ferns, orchids and other tropical flowers planted in them. At 8:45 p.m., the trees “show” a light and music performance. And those who climbed the 22-meter bridge (its length – 128 meters) can take a look at the entire park “Gardens by the Bay”.

Peranakan Museum

he museum collection is housed on three floors in 10 themed galleries: Visitors are shown clothing (many items of clothing are embroidered), tableware, jewelry, furniture (inlaid and carved), collectible porcelain, a wedding bed (once owned by a wealthy Peranakan family), and are told about the customs The museum also tells about the traditions and the origin of the Peranakan people, and offers a thematic restaurant (here you can get acquainted with Peranakan cuisine) and a national store (where they sell arts and crafts).

A ticket to the museum costs $4.5.

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