These top travel destinations still have Covid-19 entry requirements

Many destinations are easing COVID-related travel restrictions or eliminating them altogether, but there are some that have varying degrees of entry requirements.

From proof of full vaccination, Covid passport and other barriers, travelers will need to present some kind of documentation at these locations, listed alphabetically.


Visitors must provide proof of full vaccination or present a recent negative COVID-19 test and quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. This order has been extended until at least September 30, 2022. In addition, visitors must also use the ArrivaCan app to upload personal and travel information.


Visitors must complete a Travel Declaration and be fully vaccinated to receive a Mobility Pass. This pass will allow them to enter hotels, restaurants, theaters and public transport.


Its ‘Zero-COVID strategy’ requires travelers to stay in a designated quarantine hotel for seven days and then self-quarantine at home for three days.


Visitors over the age of 16 must show proof of full vaccination, purchase travel insurance, and schedule a rapid COVID-19 antigen test in the pre-booked country.


Only travelers visiting from non-approved locations (US, Canada and many European countries are approved) must purchase medical insurance and agree to avoid closed/crowded locations.

New Zealand

Not only do visitors need to be fully vaccinated and complete the New Zealand Traveler’s Declaration, but they also need to take the test on arrival or on the first day of their travel and again on the fifth or sixth day of their stay.

Saint Lucia

Visitors must be fully vaccinated, while unvaccinated individuals over the age of five must present a valid negative standard COVID-19 PCR test completed within five days of arrival. Everyone is also required to download and complete the Health Screening Form.


The Thailand Pass is no longer in effect and travelers must now provide proof of full vaccination or present a recent negative RT-PCR test. Children ages four to 17 can enter with just one dose of vaccine administered. Unvaccinated travelers need a negative RT-PCR test or ATK test performed within 72 hours of travel.

the Bahamas

Vaccinated travelers can enter without a negative COVID-19 test result, but unvaccinated travelers older than two years must obtain a negative COVID-19 test no later than three days or 72 hours before travel.

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