The Vespa Trip – Italy’s most beautiful regions on a Vespa

On holiday to Italy, but just a bit more original. Have you ever heard of The Vespa Trip? The Vespa Trip is a multi-day road trip where you ride authentic Vespas through the most beautiful Italian regions. This trip just has to be on your list!

Vespa Trip Italy

The Vespa Trip Italy

What could be more romantic than driving an authentic Vespa to discover the most beautiful regions of Italy? The warm Italian sun on your skin. You inhale the wonderful scents of the landscape, while you watch beautiful sunflower fields and vineyards pass you by.

Cruise on the most iconic scooters in the world through the Italian hinterland, far from the beaten and beaten tourist path. You drive past undiscovered Italian gems, cozy bars and restaurants of traditional Italian families.

You can do the Vespa Trip on your own, with GPS and a roadbook containing the routes. Nice solo trip at your own pace, stop where you want. It is also possible to follow the guide and experience the trip with other Vespa Trippers. Either way, it’s a unique way to get immersed in Italian culture! Never ridden a Vespa before? No problem, at the start you can optionally take a Start-to-Vespa lesson in which everything is explained.

On holiday to Italy but just a little more original - Amalfi Coast

On holiday to Italy, but just a bit more original

Where is this road trip going?

You can choose from three different destinations in Italy; Tuscany, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. Tuscany is the place to be for the nicest towns and those typical Italian landscapes. You can also choose Sicily, the most beautiful island in Italy where the sun always shines. Last but not least, you have the Amalfi Coast. Perfect for anyone who loves blue seas, miles of coastline and high cliffs. Check the website of the Vespa Trip to see exactly where the different routes pass by and to get a better idea of ​​the regions. There are many different dates available from May to September.

A Vespa Trip through Tuscany: Il Giro Classico

The Giro Classico is the only Vespa Trip where you actually travel from hotel to hotel. Departure and arrival is in Pisa, the stages are each between 70 and 120 kilometers. Everything is arranged for you, from overnight stay to luggage transport. Every day you ride your trusty two-wheeler through a different landscape. From the stretched countryside around Pisa, through the rolling hills of the Chianti region and the mountain region around Lucca to the art cities of Siena and Firenze. Every town or village you pass is a pearl. Some of them are hidden gems, others world famous.

With its rolling hills, winding country roads, historic cultural cities, medieval mountain villages and extensive vineyards and olive groves, Tuscany is the Italy of dreams.

The Vespa Trip is really bucket list material - Sicily / Tuscany

This trip is really bucket list material

Versatile Sicily by Vespa

Sicily appeals to the imagination of many travelers. Everything that makes Italy beautiful can be seen enlarged here: the pure food, the delicious wines, the strong espresso and the overwhelming nature. The landscape is rugged, with imposing cliffs and rocky outcrops, but also has rolling hills, rich vegetation and fantastic beaches. And what could be better to discover this island on a classic Vespa? Enjoy the endless days under the Sicilian sun while driving, a daily dip in the sea and unlimited amounts of refreshing granitas, cannoli and brioche con gelato.

With The Vespa Trip in Sicily you get all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday: beautiful towns, unspoilt nature, extensive beaches and an azure blue sea, Sicilian cuisine and plenty of secret places to discover on your Vespa every day.

Discover the most beautiful places in Italy on an authentic Vespa

Discover the most beautiful places in Italy on an authentic Vespa

The Vespa Trip in Sicily

Exploring the Amalfi Coast with a Vespa

You can also explore one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Europe on your Vespa. After you’ve conquered many spectacular winding bends, past small bays with steep cliffs, endless blue water and pearly villages, you can also leave the famous Amalfi Coast behind for a while. Venture a little more inland, away from the traditional tourist trail. Numerous sleepy but typically Italian villages give you a completely different feeling from the other villages on the coastline. Immerse yourself in culture and history with a visit to the famous Vesuvius volcano and the historic town of Pompeii.

With a Vespa, like in the movies

With a Vespa, like in the movies

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The Vespa Trip Amalfi Coast

Book a unique Vespa trip

Would you like to book The Vespa Trip yourself? That can be done via this link. The Vespa trip costs € 540 per person. This includes the Vespa for 2 people (only driving a Vespa is also possible, at an additional cost), overnight stays in three or four star hotels with breakfast and a roadbook with the nicest roads and best sights along the way. And of course people also come along to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For example, they take care of the transport of your luggage and help when you have engine trouble.

The Vespa Trip Amalfi coast

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