The Kayak Trip: kayak tour in Norway

Discover the Norwegian Fjords from the water on this sporty adventure. The Kayak Trip is a six-day paddle tour through some of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, taking you to spectacular spots accessible only by water. You cross the large Sognefjord together with the guides, after which you can go ahead in the smaller fjords and choose your own route and camping spots.

Sea kayaking in the Norwegian fjords

Sea kayaking in the Norwegian fjords

The Kayak Trip: Get Ready for a Paddle Adventure!

For unspoiled nature you have to go to Norway. Do you want to experience Norway in a very unique way? Then go on an adventure for a week with The Kayak Trip. This trip is for the adventurers, for nature lovers and for the sports enthusiasts. During The Kayak Trip you will set out with a guide and paddle in a professional sea kayak across the spectacular Norwegian fjords. Nature here is impressive. The mountains around the fjord are high, the views are amazing and the places where you spend the night are idyllically beautiful. Of course there is also time to do nice hikes in addition to paddling. Because between the countless fantastic mountain peaks there are a nice number of valleys for hiking. You will climb the Breiskrednosi, a mountain of about 1,160 meters, with a breathtaking view of the fjords at the top. Boating, wild camping, enjoying nature and adventure: this is The Kayak Trip!

The Kayak Trip 2019

The Kayak Trip map

The Kayak Trip

On the trail of the Vikings

The Norwegian Fjords are central when it comes to Norway’s untouched raw nature. Hundreds of years ago, this evocative landscape was the base of the Vikings who terrorized the rest of Europe in their day. During The Kayak Trip you will paddle the Sognefjord for a week and paddle some of its impressive branches. The Sognefjord is Norway’s longest, widest and deepest fjord. The Aurlandsfjord, famous from Flåm, and the Nærøyfjord, which is just around the corner, are beautiful tributaries of the Sognefjord. Although the landscape may seem untamed and wild at times, the fjords are easy to explore. You will find beautiful small villages around the fjords and hiking trails along glaciers and mountains.

You cross the large Sognefjord together with the guides, after which you can go ahead in the smaller fjords and choose your own route and camping spots. If you prefer to stay with the guide to become more deeply immersed in the kayaking technique and the environment, this is of course also possible. After a few days you cross the Sognefjord together again, to paddle into the Lustrafjord at the end of the Sognefjord. In Ornes there is a UNESCO-protected stave church, the ideal place to have lunch and soak up some culture. After lunch you retreat to the water where you will already paddle back towards the base camp.

Despite the Nærøyfjord being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not many people will know about this gem. And that is exactly what makes it so special. There is no road access after Bakka village. After this point, the rest of the fjord can only be explored from the water. You paddle through the green surroundings, between majestic mountains with steep walls, past so many beautiful waterfalls… this route offers the absolute best views and best photo opportunities!

The Aurland and Sognefjord from the Stegastein viewpoint

The impressive fjord landscape

The Kayak Trip - sunset

The Kayak Trip – itinerary and guidance

A kayak trip in Norway is perhaps the best way to explore and learn about the fjords. If you have little or no knowledge of kayaking, that is not bad at all, because on the first day of the trip you will learn the tricks of the trade so that you will eventually be able to sail through the fjords yourself. Thanks to the combination of guided sailing and free sailing, you will experience the total picture of the Norwegian Fjords. The Kayak Trip route departs from the base camp in Amlabukti. You will receive a trail book and a briefing from the guide. This allows you to sail to the most beautiful spots along the water. You also get a GPS tracking system for emergencies and the guides are always nearby. The base camp is located in a separate bay on the fjord, so that you have mastered the technique before there is some more waves.

During this sporting adventure you will discover both the wilderness and the surrounding villages with Viking remains, for example the stave church of Ornes. However, Norway is not an easy country to go out on your own if you have not been there or have no experience. The guides of The Kayak Trip have mapped out a beautifully balanced route that you should be able to cover with a good basic condition. So everyone can join The Kayak Trip. If your heart beats faster of Norway, nature, the water, back-to-basic camping and sports, then this trip is really something for you.

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During the Kayak Trip you do not look at the time, but you live at the pace of nature. Depending on the level of the group and the weather conditions, you will cover a total of approximately 120 kilometers on the water in that week. The weekly schedule for The Kajak Trip takes you from the quiet bay of the base camp towards the Aurlandsfjord. There you leave the water to climb the Breiskrednosi. On days 4 and 5 your legs can recover from the walk, because these days you mainly go out in the kayak. You leave the Nærøyfjord behind and paddle back to the Sognefjord, where you continue along the southern shore towards the Lustrafjord. After a visit to Ornes Stave Church, you will sail back to the base camp and enjoy the Sognefjord one last time at a leisurely pace. The next morning you will leave early to travel back to the Netherlands.

Urnes Stave Church

Ornes Stave Church

Wild camping in a tent close to the water

You sleep for a week in your own tent in the most beautiful places along the water. You camp where you arrive at approximately the end of the day. Wild camping is a basic right in Norway, provided you adhere to the rules of course. You choose your own nature spot every day to spend the night. The first and last night you sleep near a campsite and all sanitary facilities are available. You camp the other five nights in the middle of nowwhere near the water, and you will often have to do without showers and toilets. There is no electricity in the wilderness, so you cannot charge your devices during the trip. So bring an old-school mobile phone with a long battery life or provide a power bank for your smartphone.

Your camping gear will go with you during the trip in a waterproof storage space in your kayak. Everyone gets a compact cooking set (including cooking pot, gas burner, gas bottle and cutlery) with which you can prepare a simple meal. You can bring your own food and drinks or reserve a survival foodpack. You can rent a food pack for € 95 per person, and a camping gear package (tent, sleeping bag, mat and liner) can be rented for € 65 per person. In the foodpack you will find tasty, varied adventure food meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), compact and nutritious meals that can be prepared quickly. Both a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian variant are available. All kayaks have waterproof storage space for your camping gear that you can take with you for a whole week.

The fjords are surrounded by majestic cliffs and have beautiful blue water, but make no mistake: the water is just salty. On departure you will receive a large water bottle and along the route you can replenish your stock of fresh drinking water at special water points.

The Kayak Trip - adventure food

The Kayak Trip - evening

The Kayak Trip - wild camping

The Kayak Trip evening

The Kayak Trip - Campfire

The Kayak Trip - marshmellows

The Kayak Trip kayaks

Sign up for The Kayak Trip

The Kayak Trip will be organized weekly in the summer of 2021. Eight times in total during the summer of 2021, from July 3 to August 28. There is a maximum of 25 people per week. The prices including kayak (1 or 2 persons) + all necessary equipment, instructions and a rescue training, cooking set, a map and trail book, are € 540 per person. Included are the seven camping nights, two of which are close to a campsite and five near the water on the Sognefjord. You can also book a return flight to Bergen from € 240 per person. In Bergen you will be picked up by a bus that takes all participants to the base camp. At the end of the week, everyone is taken back to Bergen airport in the morning. Those who prefer to come on their own: this is certainly possible, you can join the group at Bergen airport or you can come directly to the base camp.

Check the website for more information or to register immediately. There you can also read about how it is arranged with corona and the cancellation insurance that comes with it.

Photos: Kamill Cosemans


The Fjaerlandsfjord

Red wooden houses near Flam

Red wooden houses near Flam

The Kayak Trip - fjord cabin

The Kayak Trip - kayak duo

The Kayak Trip - kayaking

The Kayak Trip - paddle tour

The Kayak Trip norwegian nature

The Kayak Trip Norway

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