The Culinary St James’ Way 2021 – Ischl Austria

Every year, when all the snow has melted and the winter sports enthusiasts are already at home, Ischgl fills up for a Burgundian event: the Culinaire Jacobsweg. This event can be experienced again this year in the mountains of the Paznaun Valley. With Ischgl as the central point and the villages of Kappl, Galtür and See as beautiful additions.

To meet the needs of tourists not only in winter, the Culinaire Jacobsweg was created twelve years ago. During the summer months, (inter)national chefs are asked to develop a special lunch dish. These special and culinary dishes can then be ordered by hikers in the regional alpine huts that participate in the event.

The dish of Topchef Martin Sieberen, on the menu of the Almstüberl in Kappl

Ischgl in the summer

Ischgl is the largest village in the Paznaun Valley and is normally known as one of the most exuberant ski villages in Tyrol. The luxury hotels, modern lifts and beautiful, well-maintained slopes ensure top winter sports.

The most famous après ski bar in town; the champagne hut in Ischgl

In the summer everything revolves around the green alpine meadows and cycling, a lot misuse. For mountain bikers who go hard downhill want to burn, but also for novice adventurers who want to make their first laps over trails ride, or opt for e-bikes.

In addition, also hikers welcome to discover the hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails. Completely in style with the winter season, the hiking routes in Ischgl are marked with the colors of the ski slopes. For leisure runners, there are blue routes with a maximum length of 13 kilometers and a difference in height of up to 400 meters. Followed by red routes (max. 25 kilometers) and finally, black routes for the experienced mountain hikers who want to climb the peaks of the Paznaun valley.

For all active nature lovers, an energetic and hearty lunch is of great importance. And that is exactly what the annual Culinaire Jacobsweg is designed for.

Ultimate hiking pleasure in the Austrian Alps

The Alpine Huts of Paznaun

Because of course you have to know where you need to be, I have listed here which huts participate in the route. Until the end of the summer season, each of these huts will have a unique dish from one of the chefs on the menu. On selected days (see here) the chefs accompany them on an organized hike to ‘their’ Alpine hut.

  • Top chef Martin Sieberer, Almstuberl in Kappli
  • Chef Benjamin Parth, Friedrichshafener Hütte in Galtur
  • Chef Patrick Raass, Heidelberger Hut in Ischgl
  • The young chefs of Paznaun, Jamtalhutte in Galtur
  • Chef Andreas Spitzer, Ascherhutte in See
  • Chef Hermann Huber, Faulbrunnalm in Galt

The Almstuberl in Kappl

A very nice side effect is that the large gondolas of the Paznaun valley also run in summer. So it is not necessary to start all the way from the bottom of the valley with the trip to huts (although you will of course have earned your lunch a little more). This makes a walk suitable for every level. You buy a ‘ski pass’ for the entire valley and can therefore go up the mountain in Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See.

If you want to go for the full pull, ask for a strip card. Then have all six huts stamped on this card, then you have a chance to win great prizes at the Ischgl tourism office!

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Cheers to the opening of the Culinary Jacobsweg 2021

How do you get to Ischgl?

Ischgl is located in the south of Tyrol, close to the Swiss border and is relatively easy to reach. It is a 10-hour drive (+/- 900 km) from Utrecht by car, making this the fastest option. The most sustainable option is the train to Landeck-Zams Bahnhof. This is located at the beginning of the Paznaun valley after which you can easily take the bus to Ischgl. This takes the longest at about 15 hours. You can fly from Amsterdam to Munich, Innsbruck or Zurich. From there you still have to arrange a transfer where Innsbruck is the closest at 1.5 hours (compared to 2.5 hours at the other two airports).

Have you ever been to one of the huts on the Culinaire Jacobsweg?

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