The Canoe Trip – Ultimate off-beaten track in Sweden

We have found the ultimate off the beaten track journey for you. Discover unspoilt Swedish nature by canoe during this seven-day Canoe Trip in the breathtaking Värmland. Unwind completely and live at the rustic pace of the Swedish lakes. All week long “me & the lake”. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle, reconnect with nature. Wild camping on deserted islands, making campfires, sleeping under the stars. Are you going on this adventurous trip?


Into The Wild with The Canoe Trip

Do you want to do something different this summer? On the border of Sweden and Norway is one of Scandinavia’s most pristine nature reserves: Värmland, the country where you can still drink from the lakes and wild camping is allowed. The ideal setting for a wonderful adventure: The Canoe Trip.

For seven days you will trek by canoe from uninhabited island to uninhabited island. On day one you will receive all the instructions that should enable you to survive in nature for seven days. You will also receive a detailed trail book with lots of survival tips, the best mapped out routes and the most beautiful places to spend the night. In between there is enough time to go for a walk, swim or chill.

ThenCanoe Trip SwedenThe Canoe Trip 2020

The Canoe Trip is a week-long paddling around Värmland, Sweden, an unspoilt region near the Norwegian border. During the day you paddle across Sweden’s beautiful, endless lakes. At the end of the day you can pitch your tent wherever you want and enjoy the peace and quiet!

How does it work?

During The Canoe Trip you sail by canoe from island to island in Värmland in seven days. To get to Värmland, the organization of The Canoe Trip uses a bus with a lot of comfort. You can board in Utrecht, Joure and Brussels. You can also fly. From Amsterdam and Eindhoven you fly to Oslo Gardermoen Airport. Then you take the special shuttle bus to the base camp near Arjäng. Once at the base camp, you have time in the morning to recover from the bus trip and freshen up. In the afternoon you will receive an explanation and then you will leave with your canoe for seven days. On an adventure, into the rugged wilderness, to the ultimate feeling of freedom!

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The Canoe Trip 2021

This summer holiday various editions of The Canoe Trip are organized. There are a total of 12 weeks in which you can participate. The first week starts on June 19 and the last week ends around September 11.

Three routes have been mapped out in Värmland that combine the most beautiful lakes and rivers. The routes differ in level:

  • The shortest route (formerly The Green Trail) is + – 70 km, and is recommended for canoe couples who want to take it easy
  • Do you want a little more challenge and do you have a healthy basic condition? Then you can do a route of + – 90 km (formerly The Yellow Trail)
  • The longest route (formerly The Black Trail) is + – 120 km and is only recommended for canoe couples who are trained athletes

Canoe Trip SwedenTheCanooTrip

All routes depart from the base camp. You can regularly choose to take shortcuts or make extension loops. You can also switch trails here and there. The trails contain some land transports: you mount wheels under the canoe and pull them on foot to the next lake.

During The Canoe Trip you are free to choose your own private island, because wild camping is allowed in Sweden!

What does The Canoe Trip cost?

The price for The Canoe Trip starts at € 490 per person, which includes:

  • Superflex Cancellation Insurance (more info on the corona page)
  • Rent of a two-person canoe for 7 days
  • Bus ride with great comfort (return) from Utrecht, Joure or Brussels
  • Cook set rental
  • Rent a large barrel to keep your essentials dry
  • The Canoe Trip Trail map & Survival Guide
  • Canoe wheels
  • Canoe instructions
  • Camping permit nature reserve Värmland / Dalsland

Those who do not travel by bus pay € 110 less.


  • The Canoe Trip Survival Foodpack: € 95 pp
  • Travel assistance insurance: € 39 pp
  • Cancellation insurance: € 39 pp
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More information and registration

Are you, like us, completely enthusiastic and do you want more information about how to get there, the routes, departure dates, etc.? On you can find all the details and at the bottom of the site you can register for this adventure.

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