The best destinations for remote workers to extend this summer

Autumn is approaching, and many people are trying to enjoy one more sunny vacation before the coldest weather arrives.

The good news is, if you work remotely, you might not need to rush back. By turning part of your trip into a working vacation, you can stay in paradise a little longer and extend the summer.

All you need is a cooperative employer and a solid Internet connection.

So pack your laptop, grab some sunscreen and check out these hot weather destinations for remote workers.

The Canary Islands – Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura

the best destinations for remote workers to extend this summer

Lush forests, towering volcanoes, desert dunes and hidden beaches make the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago on the northwest coast of Africa, the perfect place to extend the summer.

September and October are hot and dry on the islands, making it a spectacular time to enjoy the outdoor adventures and vibrant nightlife available in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. If quiet beaches and sleepy fishing ports are more your style, check out Fuerteventura.

Furthermore, from 28 to 29 October 2021, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will host people conference, one of the biggest gatherings of remote workers!

Entry restrictions for travel are relatively easy and most travelers can obtain a vaccination certificate, antigen or PCR test.

Portugal – Madeira, Algavre, Lisbon

the best destinations for remote workers to extend this summer

Although sometimes overshadowed by neighboring France, Italy and Spain, Portugal is one of the loveliest places to visit in Europe. Its pristine beaches, cobblestone villages, medieval castles, dramatic landscapes and world-class dining scene are not to be missed.

The pleasantly warm days of September and October are wonderful for whale watching in Wood Island, surfing in the Algarve or exploring the royal palaces of sintra while on Lisbon.

In fact, Madeira also known as the “Hawaii of Europe” has become hotspot for digital nomads this year.

Restrictions on entry to Covid are easy and most visitors can enter with a certificate of vaccination, antigen or PCR test.

Colombia – Cartagena, Santa Maria, Medellín

the best destinations for remote workers to extend this summer

Once forgotten due to its dismal past, Colombia is emerging as a major tourist destination. Ecologically and culturally diverse, its lively cities, incredible landscapes and incredible wildlife offer something for everyone.

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Colombia is hot all year round, but September is part of the rainy season. On sunny days, explore Cartagena’s colorful streets, the ancient ruins of Santa Maria or Medellín’s flower gardens. When rain clouds threaten, take refuge in Bogota’s phenomenal museums.


Greece – Kos, Crete, Santorini

the best destinations for remote workers to extend this summer

Greece needs no introduction. Its crystal clear waters, archaeological treasures, stunning natural beauty, incredible culture and delicious cuisine make it one of the most loved vacation spots in the world.

In September and October, the weather is warm and clear, making it the perfect time to enjoy the beaches of Kos, the ancient ruins of Crete or the stunning cliff-top villages of Santorini.

Entry restrictions are easy and travelers can only enter with a vaccination certificate, antigen or PCR test.

Costa Rica – Puerto Viejo, Guanacaste, Tamarindo

the best destinations for remote workers to extend this summer

With its stunning beaches, enchanting rainforests, exotic wildlife and stunning national parks, Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Add to that its array of top-notch restaurants, bars and hotels, and you can’t go wrong.

The coastal cities of Puerto Viejo and Guanacaste are wonderfully humid in september and october, while the volcanoes and coffee plantations of the Central Valley offer a break from the heat.

No travel restrictions.

Mexico – Baja California, Mexico City, Oaxaca

the best destinations for remote workers to extend this summer
Aerial drone photo in Cabo San Lucas

Mexico is a world-renowned tourist destination for a reason. Its vibrant cities, unbeatable beaches, ancient ruins, dynamic culture and incredible cuisine make it a must-visit destination.

End of summer it’s a great time to go to the beaches of low, see the colonial architecture of Oaxaca or explore the thriving art scene of Mexico City. However, you may want to avoid the coastal hotspots of Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen due to the hurricane/rainy season.

No restrictions needed to enter Mexico.

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