The Best Countries for a Great Safari!

A safari is something that every nature lover should have done once in their life. On safari, you are so close to nature and wildlife that you can hardly believe it. This and the excitement of a safari give you an unforgettable experience. Anyone who thinks you can only go on a Safari in Africa is wrong. This way you can also go on Safari on other continents, even in Europe! How exactly? You can read it below! We have listed the best countries for a good safari.

Safari in Borneo

There is an orangutan rehabilitation center in Borneo. Here, these friendly monkeys are prepared to return to their habitat. Especially in the morning and afternoon, when the orangutans are being fed, there is a good chance that you can admire these creatures up close. You can even stay overnight in the jungle of Borneo!

Safari in India

Periyar Tiger Reserve is located in Kerala, India. This area is also called the Garden of India and you can go on a safari here. Walk along the unique ‘tiger path’ and if you are lucky you will encounter one of the 50 tigers. You will also find bison, deer, wild boar and even elephants here. A safari to remember!

the best countries for a great safari!

Safari in America

Safari is also amazing in the United States. Everglades National Park is located in southwest Florida, and you will find several endangered species. Crocodiles, frogs, turtles, dolphins and the rare Florida panther live in this subtropical swamp area! This park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

the best countries for a great safari!

Safari in South Africa

South Africa remains the most popular safari country. Millions of tourists flock to this African country every year to admire the famous ‘Big 5’. Madikwe is the most popular destination. In this national park, you can spot lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffaloes. It is mandatory to drive through the park with a guide.

the best countries for a great safari!

Safari in Kenya

Another popular Safari country in Africa is Kenya. In Navaisha in the Great Rift Valley, you will find pink pelicans, flamingos and many more beautiful animals. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is also highly recommended. Every year, the ‘great migration’ takes place. Thousands of zebras, antelopes roam these savannas while being hunted by predators. You will never forget this experience in your life!

the best countries for a great safari!

Safari in Argentina

You can also go on safari in South America. Giant colonies of elephant seals and sea lions live on the Argentine peninsula Valdés. You will also find whales and orcas here. In addition, in the Tombo Reserve you can take a closer look at the largest Magellanic penguin colony in the world during the winter.

the best countries for a great safari!

Safari in Australia

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In Australia, you can also go on safari. The beautiful red plains are inhabited by kangaroos, ostriches and 22 other animal species. In addition, more than 500 plant species grow here and 72 different reptiles live there.

the best countries for a great safari!

Safari in the Pyrenees

We end this list with a European destination. In the Pyrenees, between France and Spain, you can also go on safari. You will not find lions, tigers, elephants and other protected animals here, but the rarest bird species live here. This is a true paradise for the bird and butterfly lover. It is full of vultures here and you can also spot the European honey mouse guard. Various ‘butterfly safaris’ are also arranged here in the spring.

the best countries for a great safari!

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