The 10 best sights and highlights in New York

When you talk about America, of course you are talking about New York. This city is considered the center of the United States. The city is especially important from an economic point of view. However, it is not the capital of the state of New York, for it is Albany. Looking for New York highlights? If you are vacationing in this city, you will definitely want to see the highlights. 10 tips for visiting the sights of New York that you really do not want to miss! You can visit many attractions in New York for free. Be sure to take a map with you when you go to town, because there is so much to experience!

1. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of New York. Definitely one of New York’s highlights. It was a gift from France in honor of the centenary of the Declaration of Independence and as a sign of friendship between France and America.

Maybe you expected more when you finally stand in front of it, because the statue is only 46 meters high. If you also take the foot with which the statue stands, the height is 93 meters. But this is certainly not as impressive as you might think. Nevertheless, it is recommended to visit this symbolic statue. It is wise to book a ticket in advance. Among other things, you can get there by ferry from Battery Park. From the crown of the Statue of Liberty you have a beautiful view of the area. You have to climb no less than 354 steps for this, but the view is more than worth it!

Visit the Statue of Liberty with these top tours:

2. Empire State Building

Want to see the sights of New York at a glance? For breathtaking views, of course, you can also head to the Empire State Building. You probably already know the pointed tower from one of the many American movies that were shot at this place. The building rises above the skyline and the view of the city is especially beautiful at sunrise or sunset. The cloudy sky often gives beautiful pictures. Best to go on a clear day. The Empire State Building is named after the New York region, also known as the Empire State. Until recently, this was the tallest building in New York. For example, you can have a beautiful view of the famous Manhattan.

3. Times Square

Life goes fast in Times Square and you only really notice it when you stop here and see everyone rushing past you. Billboards and neon lighting are very typical of this part of town. You probably already know this part of New York from the screen. On New Year’s Eve, the party is watched in Times Square all over the world via television. You’ll also find Broadway in Times Square. Be sure to take a look at the theater. Especially when it gets dark, the atmosphere here is great. The neon lighting creates a beautiful contrast to the dark sky.

4. Broadway

If you’re already in Times Square, you better go to Broadway. This theater is a must-see for any tourist in New York and is still in use today. The halls are almost always sold out, but sometimes you can get tickets at the last minute at one of the stalls in Times Square. The most special stage or musical productions start on Broadway. This is often the cradle of many performances that follow around the world.

5. Central Park

New York Highlights

Central Park is located on the Manhattan Peninsula. Today, the park is visited primarily by many tourists, but it is worth taking a look here. There are all kinds of activities, for example, you can do great rent a bike to discover the park in a way that is so familiar to the Dutch. Did you know that there is even a zoo in this huge city park? The zoo is called – not surprisingly – Central Park Zoo. For the kids, there are also great playgrounds in Central Park. The whole park covers an area of ​​almost 350 hectares!

6. 5th Avenue

A day of shopping is also a part of it when you are in New York. Then it’s best to go to 5th Avenue. The shop windows on this street will really surprise you. It sometimes seems as if the shoppers here are competing daily on who has the most beautiful showcase. You will find many exclusive stores here, such as Versace, Cartier and Tiffany. But smaller shops also adorn the streets. You will also want to take a look at St Patrick’s Cathedral. But from 5th Avenue, you can also easily reach SoHo, Manhattan’s famous artist district.

7. China Town

If you look at the sights per. neighborhood, Manhattan is definitely a must-see. You do not want to miss the largest Chinese quarter in the world outside of China, do you? You can find this one in Manhattan: Chinatown. There are about 300,000 Chinese living there. It means not only a lot of Chinese architecture and shops, but also good Chinese restaurants. Ideal if you are a fan of Asian cuisine! If you want to visit the sights of New York for free, then Chinatown is also a good choice.

8. Wall Street

New York attractions

While in Manhattan, be sure to look past Wall Street. This is where New York’s financial heart beats. You probably know Wall Street mainly from the stock markets. Here you will come across the picture of a bull that many would like to take a picture with. Why that bull is there, probably not everyone who takes a picture here knows. You do that when you get there: the bull symbolizes the so-called bull market, this is where the stock market is very positive. If there is a downward trend, it is referred to as a bear market. Not in the picture with a bear!

9. Central Library

Libraries are doing well in almost all cities. These buildings are often very impressive, both outside and inside. Let the huge collection of Central Library surprise you. This library might also look familiar to you from various movies, such as The Day After Tomorrow.

10. Yankee Stadium

Baseball is the American sport. Therefore, you should definitely visit Yankee Stadium. This is home to the New York Yankees, without a doubt the most famous baseball club in the world. Here you can, for example, get a tour, but there are also all kinds of shops and restaurants. Queens is a neighborhood that is also known for baseball.

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