Sunlight Introduces VR Workstation Concept to Digital Nomads

With more people working remotely than ever before, several VR manufacturers have started offering mobile office solutions for digital nomads.

The latest company to join the party is Sunlight, based in Germany. Progressive motorhome manufacturer introduced the Home Office on Wheels, a folding workstation prototype that will soon be available as an option in its lineup of RVs, vans and trailers.

sunlight introduces vr workstation concept to digital nomads
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The smart concept, featured in Sunlight’s C-Class T68 RV, allows digital nomads to transform the motorhome dining table into a functional office cubicle, complete with a table, wireless charging pad, extra outlets and storage compartments .

It also has a folding front wall capable of supporting a second digital display and handy side bumpers that prevent work accessories such as pens, notebooks and coffee cups from falling to the floor.

sunlight introduces vr workstation concept to digital nomads
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Airstream introduced a 30-foot trailer with a built-in office earlier this year, but had to remove the sleeping space to fit it into the existing floor plan of its Flying Cloud model.

In contrast, the Sunlight workstation requires no space sacrifice, allowing remote workers to convert the cubicle back into a dining area with a simple turn.

sunlight introduces vr workstation concept to digital nomads
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The prototype was developed after Fabian Schweikert, a digital media designer, approached Sunlight and introduced the potential for location-independent workplaces.

While majoring in marketing at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Schweikert conducted a study that found that 76% of employees worked remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, compared with 45% before the pandemic.

In addition, the Accenture 2021 Future of Work Study found that two-thirds of people working remotely would adopt a hybrid work model in the future, and a study by German health insurer DAK found that 56% of employees felt they worked more efficiently. at home.

These trends have convinced Sunlight to team up with Schweikert to create flexible office solutions that can meet the needs of traditional digital nomads such as graphic designers and writers, as well as part-time remote workers such as salespeople, architects and scientists working in the field. area.

Schweikert said the nomadic digital market will continue to grow, and Sunlight’s Home Office on Wheels design offers mobile workers a “flexible, professional and comfortable” alternative to being confined in a home office or hotel room.

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