Summertime with Bamigo’s sustainable footies

The days are getting longer and the sun is showing more and more. The temperatures are rising and your summer sneakers can be left again. And with a few cool ones pattas of course also hear the right socks. Because that’s how you steal the show and put your sneakers in the sun. We were allowed to try out Bamigo’s footies, read our findings here.

Sneaker socks 2.0

Sneaker socks are indispensable, especially in summer! You just bought those new cool sneakers and you want to wear them with shorts. Preferably without your socks being visible, after all, your new shoes have to be shine. Of course you can also choose not to wear socks in your shoes. However, this often causes blisters and an uncomfortable feeling. The solution: footies! This brilliant invention is only going to be your toe and heel and therefore footies so invisible in any sneaker or other low shoe. And by wearing these socks under shorts you also prevent a crazy color difference on your legs due to the sun.

Bamigo footies

In developing the footie, Bamigo listened very carefully to the consumer and incorporated all feedback into the footie: anti-slip, breathable, seamless feel and anti-bacterial.

Sneaker socks are made of bamboo

Yes you read that right, these sneaker socks are made of bamboo. Bamigo wanted one more sustainable alternative for cotton clothing and came out on bamboo. Bamboo is more environmentally friendly than cotton. To make one kilo of cotton, an average of 8,000 liters of water is needed. You can then only make one pair of jeans from that kilogram of cotton. Bamboo, on the other hand, grows naturally and does not require artificial watering. Bamboo can even grow to almost one meter per day.

The big advantage of bamboo is that the footies are wonderfully soft and moisture-absorbing. In addition to the fact that bamboo ankle socks have a nice wearing comfort, they are also the perfect socks for sports. The breathability ensures that you keep a fresh feeling for longer during the workout.

sneaker socks bamigofooties sneaker socks

The footies are made of thin, comfortable material which makes them perfect for wearing in sneakers and dress shoes.

Footies never go down!

Your pants, ehh sock, will drop off! One of the most annoying things is sneaker socks that don’t stay put. You probably know it, after a few steps those short socks decide to roll up nicely under your foot. This often has to do with the quality of the sock and whether the sneaker socks fit well around your foot. Because socks that don’t fit well are guaranteed to end up under your foot. Bamigo has addressed this problem in manufacturing its footies. They are great sneaker socks that fit well. This way you can be sure that the footies really stay in place. You pay a little more than ‘standard’ sneaker socks, but believe us, you will not regret it! With the footies at the bottom of your foot you can walk wonderfully comfortable this summer and you don’t have to pull up your socks every five minutes.

footies summer

Footies are often worn in warm weather. Warm weather also means warmer feet. During such days you want to stay fresh for as long as possible. With these bamboo footies you will experience a fresh feeling for longer. To ensure that the sock is extra breathable, we have used a special mesh structure on the instep. This provides extra ventilation and adds an extra dimension to the high-quality wearing comfort.

The properties in brief

This one bamboo sneaker socks are very popular and also environmentally responsible. Bamboo has the same properties as wool, warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. That is why these bamboo sneaker socks are definitely recommended for this warm summer. The bamboo ensures that your feet stay nice and dry and fresh in your sneakers.

sneaker sock from bamigo

Characteristics of the footies:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Anti-slip at the heel
  • Seamless feel at the toe
  • Not noticeable seam
  • Invisible in shoes
  • Mesh knit structure
  • Arch support around the instep
  • Y-heel (preformed heel)

bamboo socks

More information about Bamigo’s footies

The footies should definitely not be missing from your sock collection. These cool sneaker socks have a silicone strip on the inside of the back, which prevents the sock from sagging. The unique design of the heel allows the sock to fit perfectly to your foot. The socks have a seamless feeling at the toe, so you experience high-quality wearing comfort. That makes these the ideal invisible socks. Do you want to purchase the footies yourself? Then take a quick look at the webshop of Bamigo.

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