Summer Stubai with kids – 6 x children’s fun in Austria

The Stubai region is a half hour drive from Innsbruck. Four mountains rule here. These mountains provide lots of fun for children with their playgrounds, tree houses, snow and other attractions. Special children’s hotels complete the children’s party.

Summer snow

There you are, at the beginning of July, with your shoes in the snow. A little soggy, yes. It is not possible to spin a nice snowball. Twelve degrees with a clear blue sky. At 2,800 meters altitude. The Stubai Glacier is beautiful. The ultramodern Eisgratbahn takes you to the summer snow in no time. A few venture out on the slopes in shorts, where in winter the long slats with poles and the boards do the trick. Now the sticks are still in the majority, the walking sticks that is. No superfluous luxury for a walk on the slippery glacier.

The six meter high mammoth has dry legs in front of the Eisgratbahn mountain station. The children climb to his belly via his legs and descend through the trunk again. The ice cave is also loved by the little ones. Bright colors give an extra dimension to the icy corridors that meander 30 meters below the glacier. A nice walk of about 200 meters.

The ultramodern Eisgratbahn Stubai Glacier
Eisgratbahn Stubai with kids
View Eisgratbahn Stubai
View Eisgratbahn Stubai Austria
Mammoth Adventure Playground Stubai Glacier

at a great height

The roof of Tyrol beckons. Not just for us. It reminds me of the long line of climbers waiting to reach the top of Mount Everest. It is a traffic jam on the three stairs to the top of Tyrol at a modest height of 3,210 meters. From the full platform, the view is beautiful over the no fewer than 109 peaks of the Stubai Alps and the Italian Dolomites, each of which is at least 3,000 meters high. A handful of people dare to climb to the chapel Schaufeljoch. Sliding, playing with snow or simply enjoying the sun at a great height is a great pastime.

Stubai Glacier
Stairs to the top of Tyrol
Top of Tyrol - Stubai Glacier
Watchtower Top of Tyrol Stubai
Stubai Alps

Stubai with kids = water fun

Melting snow provides water. Streams, waterfalls and rivers, sometimes things get wild. The Wild Wasserweg consists of three stages. The first leg is best suited for children and goes from Tchangelair Alm to Grawa waterfall. The water pours down from a height of 180 meters. This mighty waterfall can also be admired without a walk from the main road to the Stubai Glacier.

Stages two and three are longer and have more altimeters and are therefore less suitable for the little ones. They enjoy themselves much better in the Klaus Äuele Erlebnisspielplatz a little further away. The wooden playground has several climbing frames, slides and a trail. On the adjacent turquoise colored lake is a raft that is pulled over the water with the help of a rope. A cable car has also been stretched over a babbling brook. Enough ingredients for hours of fun.

Wild Wasserweg
Grawa waterfall Stubai
Raft Klaus Äuele Erlebnisspielplatz
Klaus Äuele Erlebnisspielplatz
Cable car Klaus Äuele Erlebnisspielplatz

Children’s paradise

An indoor swimming pool with three pretty slides, play areas for different age groups, a playground with a petting zoo and a team that does fun things with the little ones every day. Alpenhotel Kindl you can call it a children’s hotel. There are several of this type in Austria. The focus is on German-speaking children. Songs, games and assignments are in German. Children’s language is universal, so everyone can actually manage. The hotel’s kids’ club organizes daily activities.

Two Haflingers are waiting for a herd of children on a equestrian center a little further on. The stately horses are originally from Tyrol and are slightly different in size than an average pony that is often used for such pleasure rides. After the animals have been brushed and dusted by about ten children, each child is allowed to hobble along on the horse’s back for three rounds around the box. In between they play all kinds of games and the afternoon flies by.

Stubai with kids - Alpenhotel Kindl Neustift
Alpenhotel Kindl
Playground hotel Kindl
Cleaning Haflingers Stubaital
Haflinger riding Stubai Valley
Children's paradise Stubai Valley

Fun at Schlick 2000

Of all the seats and benches on the route from the Kreuzjoch mountain station to the viewing platform StubaiBlick the prepared antique gondola is the most beautiful. While rocking, we take in the view over part of the valley. Schlick 2000 is located, as the name implies, at a modest altitude of just over 2,000 meters. The twenty minute walk to the viewing platform is doable with children. They too can admire the mountain range and valley through the glass panels.

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Right next to the Mittelstation Froneben at 1,350 meters, the gnome Bardin waits at the entrance of the tree house path. Every tree house along the route is a playground in itself. In addition, it is also a treasure hunt where symbols must be found and noted on the treasure map. A full treasure map yields a present in the valley station.

In addition to playing and walking, the area is also excellent to explore with older children on an e-mountain bike. Most routes are on gravel and are not particularly technical. For example, the route to the lonely Starkerburger Hutte at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters with views of the peaks of several Stubai giants and the valley. Some cycling experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Schlick 2000 - Stubai
Panoramaweg platform StubaiBlick
Ski and hiking center Schlick 2000
viewing platform Schlick 2000
Bench Schlick 2000
Stubai Baumhausweg - tree house path
Stubai with kids: exciting adventure route
e-mountain bike Stubai
e-mountain bike Panoramasee Schlick 2000


Most of the gondolas down are empty. Also at the end of the afternoon. While people still go up. Serles, the first mountain in Stubaital that you encounter from Innsbruck, has an alternative and above all very popular way down. There is a long queue in front of the toboggan run. Serles is also ideal for beautiful walks. The beautiful water playground and the lake are very tempting for the little ones. Although the clear water is stone cold, there is plenty of play in it. The view of the other mountains is magnificent. Serles is a real mountain for children.

Toboggan queue Stubai
Water playground Serles
Serles Bergmeer playground with panorama
Serles Mountain Lake Alps Panorama

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