Sri Lanka is open to tourism with strict entry requirements

Sri Lanka is open to visitors from all countries, but all foreign travelers will need to purchase a visa, health insurance and obtain a negative result from the COVID-19 test done no later than 92 hours before their trip.

They will also need to present proof of booking at a tier 1 hotel where they will isolate themselves in a “biological bubble” for at least the first 13 days of their stay. At the hotel, guests will be tested on arrival on days 5-7 and again on the 14th.

Sri Lanka will refuse entry to UK arrivals and anyone who has stayed in that territory for the previous 14 days.

Sri Lanka reopening tourism – latest updates

Sri Lanka
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Update – April 10: Sri Lanka – The country has opened a “travel bubble” with India

The Sri Lankan government has finally signed a long-awaited travel bubble with India. This will allow only “qualified visitors” to enter and leave both countries for reasons other than essential travel.

A SriLankan Airlines official said that, so far, the country operated 3 cargo flights between Coimbatore and Colombo a week, but with the new agreement, operations could increase significantly.

While the Indian Civil Aviation Ministry (MoCA) announces the good news today, Sri Lankan airlines hope to resume operations in the next 10 days.

Travel restrictions such as quarantines, tests or vaccines have not yet been announced.

March 30th

Last week, the country’s National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) approved the purchase of 7 million doses of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V. Sri Lanka will receive 20,000 doses of the Russian vaccine as early as next month. This vaccine has already been approved by 39 nations worldwide.

On the other hand, the authorities announced that they had withdrawn the approval previously granted for the emergency use of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine made in China.

March 16th

Sri Lanka is making a promising recovery after a 10-month blockade that devastated the local tourist economy. In January, the country had a successful pre-reopening campaign, allowing visitors from Ukraine (responsible for 86.8% of total traffic), Belarus, China, Russia and Germany.

Madhubani Perera, director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Office, recently mentioned that the number of international tourists has increased rapidly in recent weeks, especially as more flights from Kazakhstan and Ukraine have been allowed to resume operations for the country.

Tourists who think of Sri Lanka as a future destination should book their hotel rooms in advance, as local tourists keep them busy.

Update – February 19

To visit Sri Lanka, travelers must first obtain a visa. During the process, they need to purchase local health insurance and provide proof of an appointment for a COVID-19 test. They will also need to book accommodation in a hotel level 1.

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There is a period of 13 to 14 days of isolation in the “bio bubbles” that the country has designed. During this time, visitors cannot interact freely with the locals, but can use their hotel facilities, switch hotels and visit various approved tourist attractions within the bubble.

For more information visit Sri Lanka travel site.

Sri Lanka reported that 196,163 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered to the population from January 28 to February 16.

Vaccination implementation

Update – January 19

Sri Lankan authorities confirmed the reopening of tourism after 10 months. Entry and travel restrictions will be very strict.

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we announce that Sri Lanka will be open to tourism starting on Thursday,” said Kimarli Fernando, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

Tourists can only stay at 55 designated hotels and will be required to take 3-4 COVID tests.

All visitors will need proof of a negative COVID PCR test done no later than 4 days before departure. Visitors who stay up to 7 days will need to do 2 more tests and those who stay more than 7 days will need to do 3 more tests.

All visitors must also purchase $ 12 medical insurance that covers up to $ 50,000.

Flights from the United Kingdom remain banned and so do travelers who spend 2 weeks before arriving in the United Kingdom.

Update – December 31

After 9 months of the travel ban, Sri Lanka is officially reopening for tourism. A special flight from Ukraine on January 4 is the first part of implementing a pilot program to attract visitors. (Source:

A PCR test is expected before boarding a flight to Sri Lanka. Quarantine or additional tests on arrival have not yet been confirmed.

Update – December 19

Commercial flights and aircraft will be allowed to land at Katunayake, Mattala, Jaffna and Batticaloa airports from December 26.

CAA officials said the health guidelines needed to resume airline operations will be released soon.

Is Sri Lanka open to Americans?

The Sri Lankan government has announced that all Sri Lankan international airports have been reopened for commercial passenger flights. However, visitors arriving on cruise ships or private vessels will not be allowed to disembark.

What is the situation with airports and airlines in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka Airports - Travel Restrictions

Katunayake and Mattala airports are open to international charter and commercial flights. Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) is open and has also been certified as safe by ACI.

COVID-19 cases in Sri Lanka

From April 10, the country reported 94,564 cases and 593 deaths.

A potential explanation for its success in managing the pandemic may be the strict protocols that local airline crews and foreign visitors (at least those allowed) need to follow to get in and out of the country.

According to the CDC, Sri Lanka is at alert level 4, which means high alert and traveling to Sri Lanka is not recommended. (

Why should Sri Lanka be on the travelers’ wish list?

Opening of Sri Lanka to tourists

The stunning landscapes, the fascinating heritage and the warmth of its people have made the small island of Sri Lanka a must-visit for travelers from all over the world. Today, when many countries are focusing their efforts on reviving their economies, we wonder, as travelers are likely to do, when we will be able to bathe on the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka again.

Sri Lanka is home to national parks full of wildlife, sparkling beaches, blue whales and dolphins, tea plantations and more. Here are our recommendations for places that visitors can’t miss.

Mirissa Blue Whale Watching

Perhaps we are all lucky and the country is open in time to participate in the miracle that is personally witnessing these beautiful animals migrating to better waters to mate from December to April.

Koneswaram Kovil

This temple overlooking the sea is not only a place of Hindu pilgrimage, but also a beautiful place for everyone who seeks to be silent for a moment and enjoy the little magical places where nature and man-made wonders have found a place. perfect balance.

Hikkaduwa Beach

Considered one of the best surf spots in Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka, it has become popular with visitors due to its clear, warm waters and because the size of the waves varies from 4 to 11 feet. Tourists can enjoy the best surfing during the dry season, from November to March.

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island is a national park that is home to 100 species of coral and 300 coral reef fish. This natural place is located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

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