South Africa is open to tourism and easing local restrictions

South Africa is open to tourists from all countries but foreign visitors must bring a negative COVID-19 test certificate made 72 hours before their arrival, otherwise they have to pay to take the test on the spot and expect a negative result.

Travelers considered positive after exams or tests at the airport will need to be quarantined for 10 days.

Many countries have suspended travel operations with South Africa and / or travelers who have been to South Africa recently, so it can be difficult for foreigners to find a flight home. Within the country, restrictions are being lifted after a drop in the number of cases.

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South Africa reopens – latest updates

South African beach

April 26 – South Africa to keep its level 1 alert (as low as possible) and to ease internal restrictions

South African flights continue to be banned in most countries around the world due to the highly contagious variant of the 501Y.V2 virus, discovered in the territory in December.

Understandably, South Africa is reporting a huge lack of demand due to the severe restrictions that travelers have to go through when returning home – if – they are allowed to do so.

The country, however, decided to maintain its internal risk assessment in level 1 (as low as possible and to remove most of the COVID-19 restrictions. There is still a curfew across the country from midnight to 4 am and the South African National Health Department has advised citizens to keep the social distance and wearing a face mask cloth. But everyday life passes almost as it did in pre-pandemic times.

April 4

Today, South Africa is the most isolated country in the world. Traveling from more than 120 countries has been partially or totally prohibited. Several airlines have refused to accept South African passport holders.

These massive travel bans have had a devastating impact on the country’s tourism and other industries. And while the world expects to see a country implementing severe restrictions to try to contain the spread of the so-called South African variant, the country has started to ease the restrictions.

For the current holidays, South Africa has decided to ease restrictions on internal religious meetings. At the moment, up to 250 people can meet for indoor religious services and up to 500 outdoors.

March 13th

While restrictions are increasing outside its borders, South Africa has decided to ease some of the more severe measures imposed to contain the virus. The curfew has been reduced, companies are reopening and public and private meetings are allowed again.

Foreign governments are likely to continue to extend their travel bans on flights originating in the African country until variant B.1.351 is no longer a matter of concern.

The South African government is confident that an aggressive vaccination plan and basic biosafety measures will help the nation out of this crisis.

After a setback in the first vaccination implementations, the country is finally recovering. To date, they have reported 138,014 doses administered among their health care professionals. Next in line are elderly residents and individuals at risk. (Source)

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February 18th

The USA is the last country to enter the list of at least 30 nations that have banned flights to and from South Africa therefore, although the country is open, few travelers are willing or even able to get there.

The COVID-19 strain first detected in South Africa and has spread widely there is of concern to most national and international health organizations.

After AstraZeneca’s first batch proved to be ineffective against the South African strain of the virus, the vaccine’s release was halted for a while.

Only recently has the country started administering the first batch of 80,000 doses that it has received from Johnson & Johnson. The country is expected to receive a total of 20 million doses in the coming months. (Source)

January 2021

South Africa’s new COVID strain was reported in 20 countries already. Therefore, many countries are imposing travel bans and airlines are canceling flight routes to South Africa.

Current infectious rates are really high and South Africa has between 15 and 20,000 cases a day.

South Africa remains open to tourism with necessary PCR testing, but traveling to and from South Africa is not recommended.

December 10

South America remains fully open to tourists with the necessary PCR testing. The current situation of COVID is unstable and, on December 9, there were 6,700 new confirmed cases registered.

The government declared the 2nd wave of the Coronavirus outbreak in South Africa.

October 16

South African Airport

The South African president announced a reopening.

All travelers must present a negative COVID PCR test, obtained 72 hours before departure. In addition, at SA airport they will be subjected to temperature checks.

Travelers who attempt to enter without a test or experience any of the symptoms of corona will need to be quarantined on their own for 14 days.

South Africa will only allow entry to selected countries.

What is the current situation for COVID in South Africa?

From April 26, South Africa reported 1,575,471 positive cases and 54,148 deaths.

Is it safe to visit South Africa during COVID-19?

Visiting South Africa during COVID-19 is not recommended. The US government has banned all flights and the CDC has classified South Africa at a risk level 4, as high as possible. (

Can American tourists travel to South Africa?

Yes. All visitors are currently welcome, including American tourists.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa Tourism

The country has implemented strong blocking measures, only to remove them in July 2020, which is believed to be responsible for the rise of the country in COVID-19 cases.

In fact, many tourist attractions were opened immediately after the country blockade was lifted. This includes common outdoor attractions, such as parks and beaches.

Many tourism-related industries have changed his focus from international to domestic tourism. This has proved to be a successful effort in some countries, and South Africa is looking to double the success of those nations.

This is being done through the creation of a formal marketing campaign, “It’s your country, enjoy it”, which explicitly aims to improve domestic tourism. That’s it particularly the case of Cape Town, one of the biggest international tourist spots in the country.

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