Singapore to open lanes for unquarantined travel with Germany, HK and Brunei

Travelers from Germany, Brunei, Hong Kong and Macau who wish to spend time in Singapore will be able to do so more easily in the near future.

Entry requirements will still be notable for those who come from Germany and Brunei, however, they will be relatively perfect for Hong Kong and Macao individuals, except for a brief period of self-isolation while awaiting the COVID-19 test result.

The proposed agreement with Germany and Brunei to launch in September with applications for anyone wishing to travel from any of these countries to Singapore, opening on September 1st.

singapore to open lanes for unquarantined travel with germany, hk and brunei

They would need to meet four main requirements: be fully vaccinated, fly a designated flight for this travel route, download a contact tracking app for use while in Singapore, and have been in Germany or Brunei in the previous 21 days before taking their flight to Singapore.

In addition, these travelers will need to take a total of four COVID-19 tests: the first one-two days before departure to Singapore, the second upon arriving in the city-state, the third on the third day there, and the last one after a week in the country. However, no self-insulation is required.

Meanwhile, those in Singapore who wish to go to Germany will have the opportunity to travel to another country for non-essential reasons, without the need for quarantine for the first time since 2020. This is because this agreement is reciprocal with identical requirements in vigor for Singaporeans going to Germany or Brunei.

Norbert Riedel, Germany’s ambassador to Singapore, said such plans are “welcome” and “justified in light of the Singapore’s successful vaccination campaign.‚ÄĚSingapore is one of the world leaders when it comes to vaccination rates, with 73% of its population fully vaccinated and a further 6% partially vaccinated.

Hong Kong and Macau travelers do not even need to be partially vaccinated to get the airfare pass that allows them to go to Singapore. However, they will need to run a COVID-19 test upon arrival and isolate themselves until the test result is returned.

To be approved for entry, they must have been in Hong Kong or Macau in the past three weeks.

singapore to open lanes for unquarantined travel with germany, hk and brunei

This travel option will be available on August 26th. Applications can be submitted now.

However, this arrangement has not been adopted by Hong Kong or Macau, so those in Singapore who wish to travel to any of these places must follow their procedures and regulations.

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