Singapore is the first to be opened to tourists with Digital Travel Pass

Singapore is open to tourism from Australia, Brunei, China, New Zealand and Taiwan thanks to its Air Travel Pass wake up.

Before departure, allowed visitors must sign up and make a payment for your COVID-19 PCR on arrival.

In addition, all of these visitors must reserve (non-residential) accommodation to undergo a 1–2 day quarantine pending the result of the COVID-19 test.

The Republic of Singapore is a modern city-state on an island in Southeast Asia. In addition to the main island, there are 64 smaller islands.

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Singapore reopening tourism – latest update

Singapore reopens borders for tourism

April 14 – Singapore will accept digital travel pass for travelers

Starting next month, Singapore will allow landings to present proof of vaccination and / or COVID-19 tests through an application that keeps track of COVID-19 certified results and medical history.

Singapore is the first country to approve the use of the app, others must follow suit. This will open the door to a faster and more efficient way to pass airport health checks. (Source)

March 31 – new travel bubble (possible) with Hong Kong

On March 29, Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung announced that Hong Kong had sent Singapore an official “travel bubble” proposal to reopen the borders between the two countries.

If these countries finally sign the agreement, visitors to Singapore will have to take the test before boarding, after arriving in Hong Kong, and present a vaccination certificate “for our own protection”.

Ong Ye Kung said yesterday that Singapore “will respond to Hong Kong soon”.

March 9 – update

Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung said on Friday that the country will use a four-pronged approach to slowly reopen its borders and boost the aviation industry.

Kung also mentioned that worldwide vaccination progress will play a key role in opening air travel bubbles (ATB) with countries capable of reducing their infection rates.

“It will require a certification system, like the yellow booklet that some of us have (from) vaccination records against malaria and yellow fever. These discussions are taking place bilaterally and also on international platforms such as the International Civil Aviation Organization and (for) Singapore, we have been active in these discussions ”. said the minister.

February 11

According to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore is on track to vaccinate all its citizens in 2021. To date, the country has given the first coronavirus vaccine to 250,000 people.

Vaccination implementation

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Singapore has vaccinated 4.8 people per 100 to date.

December 20

Singapore has put Taiwan on a green list and as of December 18, Taiwanese citizens can enter the country. The PCR test and the tracking application are required!

Singapore is planning to open to business travelers from all countries through travel bubbles followed by strict restrictions. More information.

December 15

Just 24 hours before the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble took effect, it was postponed again. The new official start date remains unknown.

It appears that an increase in COVID cases that has been going on since November 22 was the reason behind this unfortunate decision.

Is Singapore open to Americans?

US citizens are allowed to enter Singapore for a short-term visit only if they can obtain a visa. SafeTravel Pass or have a letter of approval of entry from the relevant government agency into the country.


Air travel pass – Singapore

Passengers arriving from low-risk countries can enter Singapore no 14-day quarantine, but need to be tested on arrival. This list currently includes only 6 countries on the green list:

  • China
  • New Zealand
  • Brunei
  • Australia
    • too Victoria State (as of November 1)
  • Taiwan

The impact of Coronavirus in Singapore

As can be seen from the data, The death toll in Singapore has been very low. With 60,381 confirmed positive cases, the country only 30 deaths.

With just 0.48 per 100,000 dying from the virus, Singapore shows a stark contrast to countries like the United Kingdom or Spain, where death rates are over 60 / 100,000.

The international reopening will be gradual

Singapore gradually opened up to business travelers and selected groups of tourists. Head of the country’s tourism agency admits it will take a while before mass travel is allowed due to fear of the pandemic.

Entry requirements

Singaporean citizens and permanent residents can return home. Anyone else must apply for approval. The process is easier for Chinese citizens who have “Fast Lane” access.

Essential business travelers should contact the Ministry of Human Resources and those who need to travel to Singapore for other urgent reasons should go through Immigration Authority and Checkpoints.

Approved travelers will receive an official letter stating that they must present an immigration officer upon arrival in Singapore.

Is it safe to visit Singapore now?

According to the CDC, Singapore is a safe country to visit during COVID. The risk of obtaining and spreading COVID is not very high. (Source:

How did Singapore manage the pandemic?


Singapore was one of the first countries to be affected by the virus.

The government’s response was initially measured. Restaurants, bars, theaters and shopping malls remained open. The government asked people to wash their hands and stay home if they were sick.

Singapore’s strict social and government controls were used to track, monitor and isolate people. Those who did not cooperate with the health authorities were severely punished. Breaking the quarantine resulted in a prison sentence, as well as suspension of passports and other very strict measures.

In mid-June, the number of cases dropped dramatically and Singapore was opened gradually. First points of sale, restaurants and cinemas were opened, although with strict social distance.

Then, religious services with crowds of up to 50 people were allowed. As the infection rate continued to fall, meetings of up to 100 people were allowed. The government is now working to further open up the economy and help migrant workers return to their jobs.

Why visit Singapore?

A street in Singapore

The island nation has 44 Michelin-starred restaurants and flavors from around the world. Visitors often find dishes from China, Malaysia and India among local street vendors.

Then there are the many festivals, which also give visitors the opportunity to try different cuisines. In particular, there is the Singapore Food Festival and the Singapore Cocktail Festival for gourmets from around the world.

There are also music and sports festivals – the city never sleeps.

Travelers can also enjoy the art scene by visiting the many galleries, as well as museums, and enjoying many cultural events.

Singapore is also a fashionista’s paradise.

In addition, there are green spaces, great beaches and a fantastic Universal Studios theme park. All of this is easily accessible by public transport, and everything is safe and very clean.

Basically, Singapore is the ultimate adult playground. It is also a wonderful center if visitors wish to visit other countries in Asia.

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