Seychelles is open to tourism, but imposes new restrictions for some countries

Seychelles is open to tourism for all countries. All visitors must present a negative result of the PCVID COVID-19 test obtained 72 hours before departure.

There are no quarantine requirements or restrictions on the movement of visitors when entering Seychelles.

Visitors from South Africa and Brazil continue to be banned until further notice.

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Reopening of Seychelles – latest updates

Seychelles beach

April 28 update – Seychelles Public Health Authority to impose new travel restrictions

With immediate effect, the Seychelles health authority announced new travel measures, giving an alarming increase in outbreaks in several countries shortly after the new coronavirus variant first detected in India, reaching these territories.

So, from now on and until further notice, Travelers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh they must have taken two doses of an approved vaccine against COVID-19 two weeks before arrival and undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine on their own before they can be admitted.

April 1 Update – Seychelles opened for tourism and commercial airlines are resuming operations

Seychelles has finally reopened for tourism and these are the airlines that currently connect the island country to the world.

  • Emirates: visitors can now find flights to and from Seychelles to Dubai 7 times a week.
  • Qatar Airways: this airline flies to Seychelles 3 times a week.
  • Air Seychelles resumed operations to and from Tel Aviv and Dubai 3 times a week. It will also restart operations for Mumbai from April 7 and Mauritius on June 2.
  • Aeroflot: Russian airlines will connect the Seychelles to Russia twice a week starting on April 2nd.
  • Air Austral will connect the country with Reunion from April 4.
  • Turkey Airlines will restart operations to and from Istanbul from 23 April.
  • Ethiopian airlines: as of May 2, this airline will connect Seychelles to several European and also Asian countries.
  • Kenya Airways will resume operations on June 27.
  • Edelweiss Air: passengers coming from Zurich will be able to travel to the island from July 3rd.
  • Condor: this airline will connect Frankfurt to Seychelles from October 1st.

March 11 Update

The Seychelles’ extremely ambitious plan to vaccinate most of its population in record time appears to be working well. They may reach their goal of collective immunity in mid-March.

The government has announced that the country’s imminent full reopening will take place on March 25. (Source)

February 17 update – vaccination launch

So far, Seychelles has vaccinated about 28.7% of the country’s population with the Sinopharm and the Oxford – AstraZeneca (or Covisheild) vaccines.

The Ministry of Health is looking for volunteers to help administer vaccines to ensure more efficiency as the country continues to administer second doses.

Which countries can enter the Seychelles at the moment?

From now on, visitors from all countries can visit Seychelles, except those who come from South Africa and Brazil.

Can Americans enter the Seychelles?

Yes. American travelers are allowed to visit the country.

What are the entry restrictions?

Seychelles airport
  • A negative COVID-19 PCR test result is taken 72 hours from the date of travel.
  • Visitors still need to stay / book accommodation that has been approved by the Public Health Authority. (Check on here)

Is it safe to visit Seychelles during COVID-19?

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Seychelles is no longer safe to visit during the pandemic. It has a warning level of 4 and is not recommended for people at increased risk for serious Coronavirus diseases. (

As of today, the country reported 5,354 cases and 26 deaths.

Insurance and accommodation for travelers

Before leaving for Seychelles, your entire stay must be covered by medical and travel insurance. For your safety, the public health authority will verify that your accommodation has been booked in a certified facility.

The safe tourism experience is essential, so Seychelles has developed a task force and certification system to verify security protocols called Safe Tourism Certification for industry service providers.

The easily recognizable green badge will demonstrate to guests that a company has adopted hygiene and health protocols and standards required by the public health department.

Arrival protocols and safeguards

Regardless of whether you arrive on a private jet or commercial passenger flight, various health assessments, such as symptom scans or questionnaires, random swabs and temperature scans, will be administered to all incoming tourists and crew.

Tourists are required to send negative test result certificates by email, all accommodation and flight details to the Seychelles Public Health Authority at [email protected] before arrival.

How about a cruise to the Seychelles?

Currently, cruise ships are not allowed to dock in Seychelles.

What activities have reopened in Seychelles?

Tourists in Seychelles

The 115 islands that make up Seychelles they are known for their stunning white sand beaches that contrast with lush tropical forests. It is ideal for romantic vacation getaways or adventure diving expeditions.

From March 25, residents and tourists can enjoy the following activities:

  • Beaches – 65 beaches only on the island of Mahé
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Movie theaters
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Maritime leisure crafts – host of great excursions

With its diverse economy, characterized by the public sector, services and tourist activities, there is something for everyone and all budgets in Seychelles.

For those looking for an unusual activity, but socially distant, you should check out the Copolia Trail at the Morne Seychellois National Park, on the island of Mahé. The trail has been updated to enhance the walker’s experience with steps, information panels, benches and a new facility.


The main island, Mahé, hosts the international airport and most of the island’s tourist facilities. This includes a wide variety of cultural and ecotourism points of interest, exclusive restaurants, bars, accommodation, casinos, dive shops and rental cars, fishing and sailing boats. Creole, English and French are spoken in the Seychelles.

Accommodation during COVID-19

aerial view of seychelles

Sixteen of the 115 Seychelles islands currently offer charming accommodation. Charming B & Bs or chalets can be rented for less than $ 80 a night, or splurge in a 5-star resort, spa hotel or seaside villa for about $ 400 a night.

No matter when you visit the charming islands of Seychelles, you will find temperatures around 80 ° C. Look at your calendar! Book a trip and have a wonderful holiday.

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