Peaks of the Balkans – walking tour Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro

Take a walk on one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, The Peaks of the Balkans. This multi-day hiking tour leads through uninhabited mountain areas in breathtaking Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Will you join this spectacular walking tour The Balkan Trail?

The origin of the Peaks of the Balkans

The Peaks of the Balkans: a collection of beautiful mountains that share Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. To generate income for the local population, stop the further depopulation of this mountain area and bring these parts of the region closer together, the national and local tourist offices have joined forces. Together with German development aid, “The Peaks of the Balkan” was developed as the destination for mountain tourism.

The Balkan Trail

Peaks of the Balkans – the route

Literally breaking borders, that’s what the Peaks of the Balkans do. The Balkan Trail is located at the border triangle of Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. The route takes you through what is arguably the last piece of untouched wilderness in Europe. Until twenty years ago, this region was virtually inaccessible to visitors, making it an authentic cultural experience and adventure to hike the three mountains of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

The Balkan Trail is a not too difficult and fantastically beautiful hike. The route passes through rugged landscapes, green alpine meadows, along fjords, lakes and mountain villages. Along the most beautiful routes of the “Peaks of the Balkans”. The route that has been mapped out will make the heart of any adventurous hiker beat faster. We have selected the most beautiful pieces so that you will experience the best of this trek in one week.

hike the balkan trail

The Peaks Of The Balkan have won the World Travel & Tourism Award and are one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the world.

The weekly program of The Balkan Trail

Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro are not the easiest countries to plan a detailed hiking holiday yourself. With The Balkan Trail we have therefore mapped out a full weekly program so that you can see the most beautiful highlights of the Peaks of the Balkan in a fairly short period of 5 full walking days.

You start in the village of Vusanje in Montenegro. From here you start the 21-kilometer hike through the Prokletije (Albanian Alps) to the historic Albanian village of Theth. The path passes the most rugged part of the “Cursed Mountains”, which was a forbidden zone during the communist era. At the border crossing you can still see old military bunkers. The next day you will discover more of the environment and the culture and in the late afternoon you will walk to the Valbona Valley in Albania.

Day 4 starts with a beautiful walk between two shepherd villages that are only inhabited in the summer to make use of the abundant pastures. In the valley, many animals walk in the vast fields and here you get to know the simple life of the local population. The villages are only connected to the world by small paths and cannot be reached by car.

Peaks of the Balkans program

On day five there is a climb from the valley towards Mount Trekufiri (2,366 m). At the very top you can enjoy panoramic views of the three countries Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. Then you start the descent again and after a swim in the remote Hrid Lake you walk through a dense pine forest to the hamlet of Katun. From there you start the next day a walk through the Gerbaja Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys of The Balkan Trail.


The trail through the mountains is over and the next morning you will be taken to Podgorica, the bustling capital of Montenegro. Here you will spend two more nights before flying back home.

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Peaks of the Balkans walking tour

Discover the hidden gems in the unique Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro and walk along the most beautiful routes of the “Peaks of the Balkans”.

What does The Balkan Trail cost?

The Balkan Trail 2021 takes place in the summer and several departure dates are available. The Balkan Trip costs € 490 per person excluding flights. If you book the trip with flights and shuttle, it costs a total of € 790 per person.

The Balkan Trail includes:

  • Visit to three countries: Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro
  • Six nights camping in unique places with the local population
  • Trekking and border crossing permits, entrance tickets to national parks
  • All internal transports
  • Guidance by experienced guides
  • GPS tracking system for emergencies
  • Trailbook of The Balkan Trail

Optional to book:

  • Return flights: € 300 pp
  • Full board meals during all walking days (also vegetarian): € 120 pp
  • Camping material rental (tent, sleeping bag and mat): € 65 pp
  • Luggage transport: € 120 pp
  • Walking sticks: € 11 pp

Peaks of the Balkanshiking in the Balkans

Register for The Balkan Trail 2021

Check the website of The Balkan Trail for more information or to register straight away for the Peaks of the Balkans. Here you can also read about how it is arranged with corona and the cancellation insurance that comes with it.

Balkan trailPeaks of the Balkan trail

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