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Nordic woods Sweden

Surrounded by the Scandinavian wilderness, you will discover the beauty and ruggedness of Swedish nature. Views are wide and unaffected. While hiking you will come to the most beautiful places. Just like when you go out on the water in a canoe. You are literally one with nature and that is really a relief.

What is Nordic Woods?

Nordic Woods is a wilderness campsite of travel company Travelbase, which organizes unique trips throughout Europe with a focus on nature and adventure. They are known from The Canoe Trip and The Iceland Trail.

Nordic Woods wild camp is located in the middle of the wilderness of the Åsnen National Park in the south of Sweden. Here you will experience the pleasure of an active camping holiday in one of the most pristine places on earth you have ever seen. From your traditional yurt or teepee you can look out over vast forests on the one hand, where you discover the raw nature of Sweden while hiking in the shade of the green leaves of hundreds of years old beech trees. And on the other hand over a wide lake, where you can explore a whole network of lakes and rivers by canoe. In the evening you can enjoy the most beautiful colors in the sky with a drink next to the campfire.

Nordic Woods campNordic Woods Sweden

Experience an unforgettable holiday in one of the most unspoilt places in Europe: the Nordic Woods camp in the rugged nature of Sweden.

Where is Nordic Woods?

Since 2018, Sweden can proudly call itself the owner of no fewer than 30 national parks. The Åsnen National Park in Småland has been added to the list of the 29 Swedish national parks already recognized. Nature lovers have come to the right place, because you can spot birds and other wildlife, fish, swim, hike, cycle, kayak and (wild) camping. The national park is located in the south of Sweden, near the village of Ryd on the Hönshyltefjorden. You can drive there (with stops) in about 12 to 13 hours by car and the night bus from Nordic Woods takes about 14 hours. The plane is of course also an option.

Nordic Woods camp is located in the middle of Sweden’s youngest National Park. During Nordic Woods you can make beautiful expeditions in nature every day. And that is also what makes this summer holiday so special. In the evening you can enjoy dinner, there are cozy evenings at the Nordic Woods camp and you spend the night in a cozy nomadic tent in the open air.

Tipi tent

Åsnen National Park in Sweden consists of 75% water. In addition to the large Åsnenmeer, the nature reserve has more than a thousand islands and seven hundred kilometers of coastline.

Spend the night in a yurt or teepee

You spend the night at Nordic Woods in a tipi or yurt, suitable for a maximum of 5 people. From your tipi or yurt you have a view of forests and the lake. All accommodations are spacious and the tents are set up high enough to walk around comfortably. Because you are outside a lot on this trip, there is also a picnic table, fire bowl and a tripod in front of the teepee or yurt for cooking over the campfire. So visualize that view of the forest and a deserted lake… what more could you want?

Nordic Woods tipi tent

Activities at Nordic Woods

A lot is included during your Nordic Woods week. There is a large teepee on the site where all kinds of workshops are given, such as baking your own bread, yoga and meditation. In the evening a large campfire is made and you can enjoy that unforgettable day in Swedish nature. At Nordic Woods, a full outdoor BBQ is provided twice a week on the edge of the lake, the ultimate way to fully enjoy the long Swedish summer evenings. Oh and it is not just any BBQ, you can of course also throw your own caught fish on the fire!

After a long day of hiking in the forest (with or without a guide), there is nothing better than relaxing in a warm hot tub or sauna. And of course they know that all too well at Nordic Woods, so there is a heated hot tub hidden between the trees and in the lake sauna you can fully recover from your day.


Fancy some action? Then hit the road with one of the Canadian Long Canoes and discover the lake, the rivers and islands around the camp. A survival night is also included in your stay and maybe just a bit more exciting. You get a canoe and survival package with tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag and you will spend the night in the forest. Wild camping and a night completely back to basics. Do you dare to do this?

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If that is a bit too adventurous for you, the moose safari might be a fun alternative (but you can of course do it all!) With a guide you go into the woods in search of a wild moose. Animals that you are less likely to encounter, but that are certainly there, are the brown bear, the wolf and the lynx.

Are you looking for even more unique activities around Nordic Woods? Then you can optionally book Caving. You climb over boulders and crawl through the narrow pinwalls of one of the largest block caves in Sweden. This beautiful piece of nature is about an hour’s drive from Nordic Woods.

And there is more! Check here all activities from Nordic Woods. There is more than enough to do and experience at the camp.

camping sweden

Nordic Woods is located in the wilderness of the Åsnen National Park. From your traditional yurt or teepee you look out over vast forests, where you can discover the rugged nature of Sweden by hiking, and over a wide lake, where you can discover a whole network of lakes and rivers by canoe.

Nordic Woods with children

Nordic Woods is also ideal for (young) families. The kids learn to deal with nature in a playful way. In the fast-paced life, children have often forgotten what it’s like to spend a week without a phone. Nordic Woods lets the children (again) enjoy nature and life in nature. Nordic Woods has several challenges that children must meet in order to get to know nature better during the week. They learn all about the animal kingdom and the flora in the forests of National Parc Åsnen. In addition, they learn how to make a campfire, for example, they can roast their own marshmallows and various treasure hunts are organized.

wild camping childrenNordic Woods children

What does Nordic Woods 2021 cost?

Nordic Woods takes place from June 12 to September 11, 2021. There are 13 departure dates available. The exact price depends on the week and accommodation you choose. For example, a Tipi with 2 people (5x5m) is € 630 per person and with an occupancy with 5 people the price is € 450 per person. Spending the night in a Yurt with 2 people comes to € 895 per person. Look for current prices on

Nordic woods includes:

  • Own traditional yurt or teepee, fully furnished
  • Guided hikes & canoe instructions
  • Outside terrace with tables & chairs
  • Own BBQ, fire pit and cooking set
  • Unlimited use of our Canadian Long Canoes (incl. Life jacket & paddles)
  • Use of the hot tub in the woods & Sauna on the lake
  • Yoga, meditation & workshops
  • Shared area with lounges & games
  • Wood for the campfire (1 bag)

Optional to book:

  • Caving: € 120 pp
  • Fishing license: € 10 per day
  • Royal Class bus ride from Utrecht or Brussels: € 149 pp


Who is Nordic Woods for and how can you book?

Nordic Woods is for anyone looking for an active holiday, nature experience and cozy evenings. This crazy adventure is suitable for couples and groups of friends as well as families. There is no age restriction, children and their parents are very welcome. And the dog can also come along! Have you become enthusiastic? Book your adventure holiday here Nordic Woods!

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