Nordic Nomads, a magical road trip through Iceland

Nordic Nomads, a magical road trip through Iceland in your own 4 × 4! Take a tour of the most famous sights and the hidden gems. View the route of the day in your road book and decide for yourself which detours to take. Or not. You spend the night in a tent on the roof of your car in the middle of nature!

Iceland road trip

Nordic Nomads: an unforgettable tour of Iceland

Iceland is a breathtaking destination. Rugged and deserted landscapes draw the picture here. Every hundred kilometers it feels like you are on a completely different planet. You can discover the mythical nature from the capital, but it is much more fun to go out in a jeep yourself. A unique country also requires a unique travel experience and Nordic Nomads ensures that. With Nordic Nomads you can make this adventurous trip through Iceland in a week. You sleep in a tent that is mounted on the roof of your 4 × 4, so when you unzip the tent in the morning you look out over a spectacular Icelandic landscape.

During this adventure full of surprises you will be on the road for seven days with your own jeep; a Suzuki Jimny (ideal for 2 people) or the Vitara (for up to 4 people). Armed with a road book and GPS, you will drive on one of the most iconic roads in the world. The Icelandic Ring Road with its original name: de 1. Every now and then you take a turn to one of the so-called F-roads. The mountain roads leading to the Icelandic highlands are often little more than mud and pebbles. Challenging and breathtaking!

Within an hour you can drive from the coast …

… through a fairy landscape …

The clear lupine was introduced to Iceland in the 20th century to combat erosion and aid reforestation

… beyond fields full of lupine …

… Along huge mountains with the Vatnajökull glacier looming in the background

Explore Iceland in a 4 × 4 with a roof tent

Iceland is ideal for a tour of natural beauty such as the geysers, waterfalls, glacial lakes and lava areas. Perhaps the best way to explore unspoilt and wild Iceland is by jeep with a cozy rooftop tent on the roof. You drive along the most beautiful roads on the island in an extremely handy and manoeuvrable 4 × 4. A tent is mounted on the roof of the Suzuki jeep with four-wheel drive, in which you can spend the whole week. You can easily fold the roof tent while driving. When you arrive at your location, you simply unfold it again. There is a double mattress, including blankets, comfortable pillows and bed linen. If you are going to make the trip with three or four people, you will receive an extra tent to use.

The Nordic Nomads route is an individual route that you drive independently. One day you drive less than 100 kilometers, on other days you cover almost 500 kilometers more distance. Every day a spot is reserved at a beautiful spot where you can expect a phenomenal view every time. Throughout the week you will sleep in the most unique places to stay in the world, where even most 5-star hotels cannot match. At every stop there is running water, electricity, sanitary facilities and showers with hot water. There is one secluded spot along the route where there are no showers at the overnight stop (clearly indicated in the road book).

Suzuki Jimny 4x4 with roof tent

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Suzuki Jimny – you spend the night in your own roof tent in the middle of the most beautiful landscapes

Speeding around the f-roads in Iceland

Driving around the F-roads in Iceland

Grand Vitara

The larger Suzuki Grand Vitara

The route on the Icelandic Ring Road

In total, approximately 1,300 kilometers are covered, anti-clockwise on Iceland’s Ring Road. This may seem like a lot of kilometers, but road tripping through this landscape is certainly not a punishment! So the route is a tour of Iceland, mainly the circle road, which allows you to admire many of Iceland’s most spectacular sights. The journey is completely independent and you determine the pace yourself. If desired, you can deviate from the recommended route to see the most hidden places. Whether you want to speed around muddy roads, stand under a gigantic waterfall, or hike along a thousands of years old glacier: as a Nordic Nomad you can experience it all!

At the start of your trip you will receive a GPS with the route and a road book where you will find all the useful information for your trip. On the one hand, the entire route has been drawn. A beautiful route where you sometimes go off the beaten track to discover special places that are not immediately mentioned in the tourist guides. So look for hidden gems and unique spots that only the locals know about. Of course, you don’t pass the famous landmarks and absolute highlights of Iceland just like that. You can visit many highlights in Iceland for free. You do not pay an entrance fee and often no costs for parking. This is the case with Skogafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Dyrhólaey, Geysir, Jökulsárlón, Gullfoss or if you want to walk to the well-known plane wreck. Choose your own highlights, park your car nearby and enjoy the best that Iceland has to offer!

Nordic Nomads tour Iceland

Food and drink

In addition, the road book also tipped off unique addresses where you can eat or drink something in the evening. You will also find useful information about supermarkets and cool shops. Finally, the road book also contains the details of partners who offer extra activities during the route, such as a whale safari in Húsavík.

In Iceland you don’t just come across restaurants and supermarkets everywhere, but during this trip there are a few on the route. They are indicated on the map that you receive so that you can decide for yourself when you need to make a stopover to do some shopping. In the car you will find a basic cooking set on which you can cook a nice meal during the week if desired. And often there are also bbq and cooking areas on the camping grounds, which makes cooking that little bit easier. You can of course also buy food and drinks in the local supermarkets or occasionally visit a cozy restaurant where you can eat cozy and authentic Icelandic food.

Via Nordic Nomads you can also order an “Adventure Food” meal package that will give you enough food for the entire trip. These are freeze-dried meals for three meals a day for seven days, to which you simply need to add warm water. In addition to cooking utensils, each jeep also has a table and chairs.

Nordic Nomads road trip Iceland

The Nordic Nomads weekly schedule

After arriving in Iceland, you will pick up your 4 × 4 with roof tent. This day, a journey of about 90 kilometers is planned, from Keflavík to the most famous region of the island: the Golden Circle. You sleep on beautiful grounds in the middle of nowhere. On the second day of this adventure, you will continue to discover the Golden Circle during a ride of 241 kilometers. Natural phenomena that you will see there are the Thingvellir NP, Geysir, the active geyser Strokkur and the Gulfoss waterfalls. Busy but totally worth it. You will spend the night near Vík, where you can walk up the cliffs to enjoy the fantastic view and the many birds and puffins.

Golden Circle: Þingvellir National Park - Geysir - Gulfoss waterfalls

Highlights at the Golden Circle are the Þingvellir NP, the geyser Strokkur and the Gulfoss waterfalls

Snorkeling Thingvellir

Put this experience on your bucket list: snorkeling between two continents!

On the third day, travel further east from the charming coastal hamlet of Vík in the south via Skaftafell NP. The program includes waterfalls, imposing canyons, enormous glaciers and an impressive glacial lake. The route to here was enough to fall madly in love with Iceland! The campsite of Fossardalur where you will stay that day is located in a beautiful spot near a waterfall river valley, surrounded by rivers, waterfalls and beautiful viewpoints.

skogafoss skogar vik

The south of Iceland is a succession of highlights

To the north of Iceland

The next day you continue on one of the most beautiful routes in the country towards the north, to Seydisfjordur. A small village on the fjord where the ferry comes in from the Faroe Islands. If you have time, continue on the bumpy road to the end of the world: Skálanes. Finally you spend the night at the edge of the volcano lake in Mývatn and in the evening or the next day you have time to discover the area here. You can take beautiful walks through lava areas, climb volcanoes and visit the clear blue Víti crater or the hot water-filled Grjótagjá or Stóragjá.

Seyðisfjörður is a small town in the East Fjords of Iceland

Seyðisfjörður is a picturesque town in Iceland’s East Fjords

You end the fifth day in Húsavík, the ideal base for a whale watching tour. You can take a whale safari here or go to one of Iceland’s most beautiful natural pools.

Husavik area

The Diamond Circle is a beautiful route that takes you along the most beautiful places in North Iceland

On the sixth day you will cover 277 kilometers and travel to the most northerly point in Iceland. There is the colorful fishing village of Siglufjörður where you can get a taste of Icelandic life, after which you drive through beautiful wild landscapes to the next place to spend the night. The last day you drive back to Reykjavik, through the green valleys and moss-colored mountains without trees in the interior.

Nordic Nomads self-drive Iceland

Days with a golden edge

How can you participate in Nordic Nomads?

Can you look forward to it like that? That there seems to be nothing else than the spectacular landscape and your 4 × 4 on one of the most beautiful car routes in the world … Good news: you can simply book your summer trip to Iceland. Flexible, with financial security and completely unburdened. In Iceland they have the corona epidemic well under control. We assume that there will be few travel restrictions in the summer of 2021. Moreover, it is a lot quieter there, so keeping your distance does not have to be a problem. If it is the case that it is not possible to travel to Iceland, then with the Superflex Cancellation Insurance you can cancel free of charge up to one month before the start of your trip. For any reason. You will have your money back within 14 working days. This way you stay flexible and at the same time you can already put your dream trip in your agenda.

In the summer of 2021, you can travel on various dates between June and September. The basic price for this trip is € 550 excluding flights. You can choose to arrange the flights yourself, or you can also book this through Nordic Nomads (€ 395, – per person extra). This price also includes: the rental of the Suzuki 4 × 4 with roof tent, mattress and bed linen, 7 unique overnight stays and an extensive route description and GPS for the road. For more information, exact travel dates and registrations for Nordic Nomads 2021: Here you can also read about how it is arranged with corona and the cancellation insurance that comes with it.

Does this trip seem like a lot of fun to you, but would you rather not get on a plane to Iceland this summer? Then you can also go to Norway with Nordic Nomads!

Nordic Nomads Iceland - Calvin Chou

Nordic Nomads Iceland - Vidar Nordli Mathisen

Nordic Nomads Iceland - Tim Trad

Nordic Nomads is an unforgettable road trip through Iceland

Nordic Nomads is an unforgettable road trip through Iceland

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