Massachusetts discreetly suspends travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers

Massachusetts discreetly suspended its COVID-19 requirements for the majority of those traveling to the state provided they have been fully vaccinated more than 14 days prior to travel and do not show any symptoms related to COVID-19.

This change was made on Monday, before it was initially reported on WCVB-TV on Wednesday.

Documentation showing that two injections of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine were administered and when they should be readily available to show employees, if requested.

massachusetts discreetly suspends travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers

Many who have not been vaccinated for more than two weeks still need to follow regular guidelines. This includes taking a COVID-19 test less than 72 hours before arriving in the state and bringing documentation of an associated negative result or being quarantined for 10 days; this period can be shortened and ended after a negative test result in a test done in Massachusetts.

These individuals must also complete the Massachusetts Travel Form before crossing the state border.

There are some exceptions to these requirements. This includes regularly crossing state boundaries to attend school or go to work, transit through the state briefly on the way to another place, or spend time in “low-risk states”. These states are currently Hawaii, Missouri, Oregon and Washington, while people traveling from Puerto Rico also do not need to be vaccinated, tested or quarantined.

These regulations apply to permanent residents of Massachusetts, as well as to tourists visiting the state.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a $ 500 daily fine, although no fines are believed to have been issued to date.

massachusetts discreetly suspends travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers

Travelers flying overseas to Massachusetts must also ensure that they meet federal guidelines. This includes, with the exception of those who are not yet 2 years old, providing a negative COVID-19 test result associated with one that was taken three days prior to travel. This regulation replaces Massachusetts’, which means that being vaccinated will not remove this test requirement.

Meanwhile, those planning to leave Massachusetts for Maine have also seen these restrictions loosen recently.

Last Friday, Maine began allowing travelers from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut to avoid having to provide a negative result from the COVID-19 test or quarantine. Those who arrived in Maine from the remaining states of New England, New Hampshire and Vermont, no longer needed to meet these requirements. Maine is also expected to significantly expand this number of states on May 1.

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