Luxury Travel Platform Launches New Exclusive Packages for Encryption Holders

on October 19th, announced an exclusive travel service which allows elite travelers to pay for their travels with cryptocurrency. The site was launched in April, and travel agency is its sponsor.

Luxury trips offered by include a weekend stay in a castle in Japan, week-long excursions to private islands in the Maldives, and exclusive flights on private jets. had a 500% growth in bookings between April and October. The company’s management cites the preference for privacy and the COVID-19 pandemic as two of the main reasons it has experienced such phenomenal growth.

luxury travel platform launches new exclusive packages for encryption holders

Elite travelers want to travel to unique and remote destinations. They don’t want to deal with the hassles of commercial flights and prefer privacy in their transactions. sells its exemplary customer service. Its focus on customized travel packages for customers on all continents allows it to build strong business relationships with people who have a lot of funds to spend on leisure activities. customers have high expectations. They want every detail taken care of and the company delivers.

The ability to pay for travel with cryptocurrency allows people to fulfill their travel fantasies, explains a company spokesman. For every customer who books a trip, a personal service assistant handles all aspects of planning.

If the customer chooses to book a second trip through, they have the option of continuing to work with the same associate, which allows them to develop a personalized relationship with the company. The agent gets to know the customer’s preferences and includes special touches to make the trip unique.

Other companies in the travel industry now also accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. In Hong Kong, consumers can book lodging in five hotels that accept digital coins as payments.

luxury travel platform launches new exclusive packages for encryption holders

The use of cryptocurrencies for travel expenses also benefits cities. The city of Miami raised more than $7 million in taxes on payments made through cryptocurrency for accommodation and travel expenses.

Miami instituted a higher tax rate on cryptocurrency payments, and the increase was rewarded. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies spreads, travelers should expect to pay for accommodation, air flights, travel agencies and tour guides with digital currencies.

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