Italy launches campaign to promote 1,000 hidden gem destinations

The Italian Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Board recently launched a new campaign to promote 1000 hidden gem destinations in the country.

“This was part of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s strategic plan to better connect known and lesser-known areas,” says Maria Elena Rossi, head of the tourism council, according to Euronews.

It is “an unforgettable journey through villages, landscapes, paths and food”, says the official website.

The “Viaggio Italiano” (Italian travel) aims to offer tourists unfamiliar places with significant tourist potential.

With this new campaign, more than 1,000 unique settlements, 100 landscapes and 100 walking routes are being promoted.

best beaches in italy
Post: Best beaches in Italy

“Today, Italy is more desired than ever. Precisely for this reason, it is the ideal moment to intercept visitors, Italians and non-Italians, through a clear and suggestive vision: ‘A lifetime would not be enough to discover all of Italy’, read the press release.

For this, the Italian government has developed a platform that allows visitors to discover exotic and special landscapes. Users can check out the interactive map, short videos and historical quotes and plan a route or use a filter to select a destination within a specific region.

Some examples of the locations promoted on your site are:

La Valle Dei Templi, Selinunte: In Sicily

Visitors can explore a unique archaeological setting that blends Greek culture and beauty in the Valley of the Temples.

“Even after millennia, as products of ingenuity and spirituality impossible to be reduced to a simple ruin or a banal postcard image, but to be understood as a historical landscape that honors civilization.”

Cinque Terre: In Liguria

Visitors will find vibrant homes, charming vineyards and breathtaking views of cliff tops in this chain of five historic coastal communities.

Abruzzo: not just mountains

According to the featured content, visitors to this area will find hospitable locals and have the opportunity to get to know the region’s historical festivities. In addition to exploring the rivers, the coast and the lush mountains and meadows of the region.

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In addition, there is a specific category called “Flavors of Italy”, where visitors can find a guide describing regional specialties, places to visit to taste authentic local cuisine and details about gastronomic and wine events.

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