Is it safe to visit New York City now?

Following some precautions, it is safe and easy to visit New York now. Domestic travelers can enter and leave without any requirement. International visitors must bring a negative COVID-19 test, as required by federal law.

New York City is slowly returning to its normal state. Schools are open again (from February 27) and indoor meals are allowed (from February 14).

Most museums and cultural spaces are open to the public with some biosafety measures.

Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and government regulations can change quickly and the information below may be out of date within hours. Therefore, check all information with your embassy or on official websites. Traveling Lifestyle is not responsible for your decision to travel.

Last updates:

April 7 – New York reopens tourist sites after a year of closure

Earlier today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the reopening of 14 miles of the city’s public beaches and all outdoor swimming pools for the spring / summer season.

Eight beaches on “Coney Island and Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn; Rockaway Beach in Queens; Orchard Beach in the Bronx; and the beaches of Midland, South, Cedar Grove and Wolfe’s Pond Park on Staten Island ”will reopen on May 29. Public swimming pools will reopen on June 26 in all 5 counties. However, the multiple precautions and restrictions for COVID-19 will apply in these locations according to De Blasio.

March 2:

According to a recent study, a new strain of Coronavirus is spreading across New Your City at an accelerated rate.

Whether it is stronger than other variants or how it will affect vaccination has not yet been confirmed. (Source:

Current situation of COVID in the state of New York

New York is now the third most infected state in the United States, with a total of 1,960,669 registered COVID-19 cases and 51,037 deaths.

Below, the most affected counties classified by new cases count in the last 7 days.

is it safe to visit new york city now?
Daily change of COVID cases in the state of New York (Source)

What can I do in New York City?

Visitors can enjoy Bryant Park Winter Village and ice skate at various locations in the city.

Freezing temperatures are decreasing, making it the perfect time to visit outdoor attractions like Central Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens or the Bronx Zoo, while keeping yourself safe from the crowds.

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Although there has been an increase in cases after the recent holidays, local authorities are relying on a combination of testing and vaccination to maintain the low number of deaths.

Outdoor activities such as cycling, walking through a park or simply walking around the city are safe, as long as visitors avoid overcrowded areas and wear a mask when social distance is not possible.

Indoor spaces open to the public have their own set of rules (mostly mandatory masking policies), so business owners need to make sure they follow their instructions.

Visitors and locals are still waiting for that happy day when Broadway shows and other favorite indoor attractions will be back, but even without them, there is still a lot to do in the city.

Why visit NYC at the time of COVID?

is it safe to visit new york city now?

The temperature in the city is rising slowly, with a cool and pleasant breeze. On warmer days, just a cozy layered sweater or a cute thick coat will get people ready to enjoy the many restaurants and bars with outdoor dining areas.

For those who prefer not to be outside, most companies have used blocking time to condition their spaces to meet the city’s requirements for indoor activities. It is very likely that the restaurant everyone was hoping to try is open to the public.

New York City authorities have created a number of policies to maintain the safety of the population. Most of them are aimed at companies, but there is also a restriction of 10 people in private meetings that can affect family or friends reunion plans.

New York health care and responsiveness

is it safe to visit new york city now?

When it comes to medical service in the United States, people get what they paid for. Widely documented research has shown that black and latin communities are not only more likely than whites to be exposed to COVID-19, to need hospitalization, but also to die due to inadequate medical facilities and equipment in hospitals to which they have access.

On the other hand, in Manhattan’s private medical centers, patients have access to cutting-edge technology, specialized medications and 24-hour care. Most of these patients, however, have some of the best insurance plans that cover COVID-19 treatments.

For foreigners who have insurance that covers COVID, it is highly recommended to check with the insurance broker to what extent they will be covered in the event of illness. Many of these companies have multiple “only if” restrictions on their plans.

What kind of restrictions can I face in New York and how to avoid fines

As of April 1, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has decided to suspend mandatory quarantine when visitors come from another state or territory in the United States. It still applies to international travelers arriving in New York.

All travelers are still required to complete the Traveler health form and agree to follow health guidelines to avoid fines and other inconveniences.

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is it safe to visit new york city now?
is it safe to visit new york city now?
is it safe to visit new york city now?

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