Is it safe to travel to Turkey now during COVID? – September 2021

Turkey experienced a huge increase in infections in the spring of 2021, leading to a 17-day blockade in April and several other restrictions. Starting in July, the country lifted its nightly curfew and Sunday restrictions and began to slowly reopen.

Turkey is already open to tourism, although the CDC still considers the country an area of COVID-19 transmission too high.

is it safe to travel to turkey now during covid?  – september 2021

Statistics and current status of COVID-19

So far, Turkey has reported more than 6.6 million cases of coronaviruses, of which 59,384 resulted in death.

At the moment there are 463,690 active cases is about 22,000 new infections per day.

After a difficult first year, the situation of COVID-19 has improved remarkably thanks to various blocks, masks and restrictions on socialization.

Most measures have already been suspended. Shops, restaurants, bars and cafes are open again and have no capacity restrictions. However, they are subject to a midnight curfew.

Social distancing and masks in all public spaces, including parks, beaches and markets, remain mandatory. Smoking is still not allowed in open public places.

Vaccination progress in Turkey

is it safe to travel to turkey now during covid?  – september 2021
Source: Our world in data

Turkey’s vaccination campaign began in January 2021. To date, it has distributed around 100 million doses of vaccine. 62.1% of the country’s population received at least one shot, while 48.3% of Turkish residents were fully vaccinated.

Who can go?

Everyone can visit Turkey, but some citizens are subject to restrictions.

All arrivals from Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours. In addition, they must undergo a 14-day quarantine at a government-approved facility. They must be tested on the last day of quarantine. If the test is positive, they have to stay another 14 days at the facility.

Travelers from Afghanistan and Pakistan must follow the same rules, except that the quarantine only lasts 10 days. Also, the second test is on the 7th of quarantine.

All passengers arriving from the UK, Egypt, Iran and Singapore must have a negative PCR test result, regardless of their vaccination status. Other international travelers can skip the test if they have proof of COVID-19 infection within the past 6 months or if they have been fully vaccinated.

is it safe to travel to turkey now during covid?  – september 2021

Why visit Turkey even during the pandemic?

First, there are almost no entry restrictions for vaccinated travelers from most countries. Furthermore, hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches are open without any particular limitations.

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Plus, there’s definitely a lot to see. From beautiful beaches and diverse landscapes to spectacular cities and ancient ruins. There is something for everyone in Turkey, so why not go this fall?

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