Is it safe to travel to Italy now in 2021? (during Covid)

Italy was the first western country to be severely hit by the virus at the start of the pandemic. As of today, all your areas are classified as “white” in red, orange, yellow and white classifications. This means that the country is a very safe place to travel for now.

Authorities will no longer introduce restrictions based on Covid-19’s incidence rate, but on hospital occupancy levels, which for the time being remain low.

August 5 – Italy will keep its citizens and visitors safe by requesting the EU COVID Digital Certificate to access tourist sites

From August 6th, only Green Pass holders will have access to museums, live events, swimming pools, indoor restaurants, public transport and flights within Italy.

The certification must prove that the visitor was vaccinated, tested negative in the last 48 hours or recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months.

One dose of an approved vaccine is enough to gain access.

How can people get the Green Pass in Italy?

The EU COVID Digital Certificate can be downloaded here. It is available in Italian, English, French and German.

The document comes with a scannable QR code and can be saved to a smartphone or printed as a hard copy.

Failure to present a green pass will result in fines ranging from €400 to €1,000 for customers and business owners.

Is it safe to travel to Italy now?

Italy has a level 3 travel alert according to the CDC. This means that there is a “high” risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Being fully vaccinated before traveling is highly recommended.

From today, the country reported an average of 5,604 cases daily, with an 83 percent increase in the past two weeks. The death toll also rose by 70 percent.

The use of a face mask indoors and outdoors is still mandatory when social distancing is not possible.

is it safe to travel to italy now in 2021?  (during covid)
is it safe to travel to italy now in 2021?  (during covid)
COVID-19 cases by region in Italy

What is open in Italy now?

So far, all Italian regions are white zone. This means that, at least during the peak tourist season, visitors have complete freedom of movement day and night.

All activities and tourist sites are open, including restaurants, bars, amusement parks and nightclubs (although dancing is not allowed).

Why visit Italy during the pandemic?

1. Rome

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Because there is no other city in the world with the history that Rome offers. Walking through the Roman Forum and the Roman Coliseum, where true gladiators once fought, is an experience that everyone should have.

2. Florence

The birthplace of the Renaissance offers some of the best art galleries and museums in the world. be impressed with the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore and the world-famous “David”, Michelangelo’s masterpiece in Galleria dell’Accademia.

3. The Vatican Museum

All thirteen of them are among the most impressive museums in the world. The mystery of his masterpieces collected over the centuries will never disappoint.

Which countries can enter Italy?

All EU members plus the United States, Canada and Japan can enter Italy without quarantine.

Italy requires that all EU Member States, the Schengen Area in the List C and other visitors authorized to present their EU COVID Digital Certificate.

He must Show a negative COVID-19 test, proof or recovery of COVID-19, or a vaccination certificate proving that they received the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to arrival in the country.

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