Is it safe to travel to Egypt now during COVID?

Egypt is a place that every traveler must visit at least once in their lifetime. But should you travel to this ancient country now during the pandemic?

Like the rest of the world, Egypt was also hit by the coronavirus crisis. Implemented several emergency decrees to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although the situation is now relatively under control, local restrictions can still affect businesses and tourists.

Below you will find the latest information on COVID-19 and whether or not it is safe to visit Egypt this fall.

is it safe to travel to egypt now during covid?

Statistics and current status of COVID-19 in Egypt

According to the CDC, Egypt now has a moderate level of transmission COVID-19 – Orange. They recommend being fully vaccinated before traveling to the country. Unvaccinated visitors should avoid all non-essential travel.

So far, Egypt has registered 287,393 cases and 16,706 deaths related to coronavirus.

is it safe to travel to egypt now during covid?

At the moment there are 33,302 active cases and around 200 new infections a day.

Vaccination progress in Egypt

Egypt has had slow implementation of vaccination due to failure to outline a clear national strategy. However, the situation is improving. Egypt plans to vaccinate 4.5 million public employees during August and September.

All pre-university and university education workers, as well as university students (about 5 million people in total), should also be given their chance before the start of the school year – October.

is it safe to travel to egypt now during covid?

So far, Egypt has distributed more than 5 million doses of vaccines. just around 2.3 million residents have been fully vaccinated, about 2.9% of the country’s population.

Restrictions on entry into Egypt

Egypt is open to tourism and has also resumed most of its flights. However, some entry restrictions still apply.

All foreign visitors traveling to Egypt must present a COVID-19 test negative on arrival no more than 72 hours. The period is extended for some countries to 96 hours.

Foreign visitors who arrive in the Red Sea province and who do not meet the requirements will be able to take the test on arrival at the expense. They must be quarantined until they receive the results.

Travelers arriving from some countries are also subject to further testing on arrival. You can find the list of these countries on here.

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In addition, all passengers must complete the Egypt Health Declaration Form.

local security measures

There are several local security measures in Egypt. Face masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces and on public transport, including taxis.

Capacity limits are in effect at hotels, restaurants and cafes. Restrictions on the number of people in public meetings also apply.

There is currently no curfew in Egypt. But it can be re-implemented if there is an increase in coronavirus cases.

is it safe to travel to egypt now during covid?

Why visit Egypt in times of pandemic

There is only one big restriction on entry into Egypt – negative test. So, you’re good to go. Visit the stunning Pyramids of Giza, the temples of Luxor, the cafes around Cairo or simply relax by the pool of a resort hotel. Egypt is also known for some of the best diving spots in the world.

Also, you can face fewer crowds than usual. So why not go this fall? Don’t forget to take regular precautions and follow the latest COVID related information to stay safe while traveling.

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