Is it safe to travel to Brazil now during Covid in 2021? – September

Brazil has been one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. He reported over 20 million coronavirus infections. In addition, it has the second highest number of deaths in the world.

It has implemented almost no restrictions to prevent the virus from spreading. Furthermore, he was affected by the more contagious Gamma variant. Hospitals also struggle with a lack of intubation, oxygen and medication.

The good news is that the number of new positive cases is falling. There are about 22,000 new infections per day, compared to the moving average of 75,000 infections per day at the end of June.

is it safe to travel to brazil now during covid in 2021?  – september

Statistics and current status of COVID-19 in Brazil

Until today, Brazil registered more than 20 million cases COVID-19, which resulted in nearly 600,000 fatalities.

At the moment there are 447,114 active cases with an average of 22,668 new daily infections.

The CDC marks Brazil as a country with a COVID-19 very high transmission – Red. Traveling there now must be reconsidered. If you need to travel to Brazil, make sure you are fully vaccinated.

Vaccination progress in Brazil

Brazil began vaccinating its residents in mid-January. Although the campaign suffered from a shortage of vaccines, the country’s decentralized health system helped the number of people inoculated to increase rapidly.

is it safe to travel to brazil now during covid in 2021?  – september

According to COVID-19 from Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker, Brazil has already surpassed the US in the number of people who received at least one dose. So far, 63% of Brazilians have received their first injection, compared to 63% of the US population

More than 30% of Brazilians are fully vaccinated.

Who can enter Brazil?

Brazil is open to most international travelers and has very flexible entry restrictions.

All arrivals must have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours. In addition, they must fill in a traveler health declaration form. Children under the age of two are exempt from the requirements.

Unfortunately, Brazil suspended all flights to and from the UK about the fear of the dangerous Alpha variant. UK citizens and people who have been in the UK in the last 14 days cannot enter Brazil. But there are exceptions, including some business travelers and Brazilian residents and families. These must be quarantined for 14 days after arrival.

is it safe to travel to brazil now during covid in 2021?  – september

Why visit Brazil even in times of pandemic?

The pandemic is really not the right time to travel the world. However, if you still plan to visit Brazil this fall, you will definitely not regret it.

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In addition to the relaxed restrictions and measures at the entrance, there is also a lot to see. From some of the best beaches on the planet and insane natural attractions to incredible wildlife and modern cities. Brazil simply has to offer something for everyone.

Cheered up? So pack your bags and start exploring this beautiful country. And remember, protect yourself, stay safe and be healthy!

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