How to Sell in a Digital Business Environment

Riki Dackén has held a number of different sales and sales manager positions in both B2B and B2C. Today he teaches as a teacher at the IHM Business School and holds the course Personal digital salesIn a present and future in which more and more a sales process and sales contact takes place digitally, organizations and individuals must equip themselves to be able to take on the opportunities and face the challenges.

What is your background?

Is the father of three boys and lives in Gothenburg. Is essentially an economist but has always worked with sales. Since I was 17, I have held many different sales and sales manager positions, both in B2B and B2C.

22 years ago I decided that I would prefer to teach and coach others to success in sales and marketing. First worked as a consultant at Mercuri International, but later switched to Intermezzon because “Blended Learning” became very topical. And now I have been working as a teacher and advisor at IHM Business School for 7.5 years.

What does a digital business environment mean to you?

In short, this means that more and more interactions and contact areas between customers and sales organizations are taking place and will take place digitally. We have all become well aware of both telecommuting and technical meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. And that is probably just the beginning of a very rapid development. And as an organization, leader and individual you have to be equipped for that development.

A saying is that everything is going fast, but it will never be as slow as it is now. This excites and reminds that it is very important to keep up with technological developments.

What are the challenges and opportunities that come with a digital business environment?

A digital business environment means fantastic opportunities to “meet” many customers in a short period of time. It’s easier for a decision maker to say yes to a digital meeting than a physical one, in part because it’s easier to leave and doesn’t require so much “commitment” in any way.

People are different. In teaching, we’ve found that people who are more introverted seem to find it easier to attend digital meetings than those who are more outgoing. Even if you don’t want to generalize, for example, sellers seem to be more inclined to the latter, which guarantees a certain challenge in this platform. Then there are those who feel that the digital contact does not work as well as the physical – those who experience fear and insecurity (among others than the older generation). They will always look for rational arguments to show that it is not that good.

And so it is that our attention span is getting shorter and shorter (competing very quickly with the goldfish). In other words, the challenge is to make mailings and digital meetings interesting enough to keep the customer’s attention.

What are your 3 best tips to influence a customer in the right direction?

  • Be authentic.
  • Dare to challenge and offer knowledge.
  • Never underestimate people’s intelligence, but don’t overestimate people’s level of knowledge either.

How can you practice selling yourself?

Think about what impression you want to make, both in a face-to-face conversation and how you are progressing on social media. Think about what you want to have done in the mind of your target group and how you can stand out in the noise. Our brains are hard-coded to detect contrasts – that’s how we did it 50,000 years ago on the Savannah. Whatever deviates is remembered as important.

For whom is your Personal Digital Sales course suitable?

Since this training is about influencing your customers BEFORE you meet them, and the goal is to make your customers aware of what you want to achieve, the target audience is salespeople and sales managers in the first place. However, I believe with 100% conviction that the best effect on a company is obtained if EVERYONE within the company is trained in this. Imagine the power when a company of 100 people continuously strengthens the brand together and not just 8-10 salespeople!

In short, is there anyone in a company who has no sales or brand interest?

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