Flying from Düsseldorf Airport

Are you going on holiday from Düsseldorf Airport soon? We have put together this handy travel guide for you, with information about arrival and departure, about parking at Düsseldorf airport and spend the night close to the airport.

Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf International Airport is Düsseldorf Airport, also known as Düsseldorf International Airport. The airport is located ten kilometers north of the center of Düsseldorf. Due to its convenient location, this airport is very popular among Dutch holidaymakers and business travelers. More than 75 airlines take travelers from Düsseldorf to around 200 destinations in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world. The Dutch mainly choose Düsseldorf Airport for flights to sunny destinations such as Spain, Turkey, Greece, the Caribbean Islands and Mexico. Especially during the Dutch school holidays you see many Dutch passengers departing from the German airport.

airport Dusseldorf Airport

Airport Weeze is often confused with Düsseldorf Airport. However, Weeze Airport is just across the border, just over an hour’s drive from Düsseldorf Airport

From and to Düsseldorf Airport

By car
Düsseldorf is easily accessible from the Netherlands via the A44 motorway and exit 31 with ‘Flughafen Düsseldorf’. Düsseldorf Airport is located 8 km from the city center.

By train
Düsseldorf Airport has two of its own train stations. The train journey to Düsseldorf Central Station takes just over 2 hours from Amsterdam Central, but there are also other pick-up points such as Utrecht, Arnhem and Venlo. You can also travel to Düsseldorf Flughafen Terminal station, which is located under pier C. From here you travel to Düsseldorf Central Station. From the Netherlands, you can travel by high-speed train ICE International for two bucks one way to Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof. The SkyTrain will then take you directly to the terminal. You can buy a ticket for this monorail at the airport.

train Dusseldorf

Cheap parking at Düsseldorf airport

Düsseldorf Airport has an extensive range of parking options. You unload luggage at departure level in front of the terminal. Do you need more than a kiss & ride? Then you have to pay for parking near the terminal. This is best done in a parking garage in the terminal zone (= orange) or at short-term parking P11 or P12. The more expensive parking spaces are located next to the arrival and departure terminal. These are especially suitable for short-term parking and for picking up people from the airport.

There are roughly two options for long-term parking: P4, P5 and P22 or the cheaper alternatives P23, P24 or P26. P23 is within walking distance of the terminal. This makes this garage very popular, we advise you to book it online more than a month in advance. From P24 or P26 you have to travel to the terminal with the shutllebus. You can travel to the terminal by skytrain from parking garages P4 and P5. This only takes a few minutes.

Tip: most people choose P4 because it is on the right-hand side when you arrive. This means that there are usually more free places in P5.

Departure from Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport has a departure and arrival hall and three connected piers A, B and C from which the flights depart. From here 75 airlines fly to more than 200 destinations worldwide. Düsseldorf has short routes between the different piers, which makes for fast. The flight information boards show the pier and gate number of connecting flights in German and English. Don’t you have to check in luggage? Then you can go directly to security. With hold baggage, you must first go to the counter of the airline you are flying with to check in your baggage.


The IATA code for the airport is DUS.

Arrival from Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport has one arrivals hall. Digital screens show when an aircraft has landed. You can also read the arrival information in the schedule above or in the DUS Airport app.

Overnight Düsseldorf Airport

Staying overnight at Düsseldorf Airport is very nice in some cases. For example if you have to leave very early in the morning. Or simply because you like to go on holiday rested. Do you want to stay overnight at the airport? This can be done on the roof of parking garage 3 in the Sheraton Airport Hotel or next to the terminal in the Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf. Both hotels are a few minutes walk from the departure terminal. You can also easily book a hotel in the center of Düsseldorf. By public transport you are within 20 minutes from the center of Düsseldorf at the airport.

Sheraton Dusseldorf

The advantages of Düsseldorf Airport

  • Easily accessible by train. From Amsterdam there is a train connection with the German airport 6 times a day. With one change you can be at the Düsseldorf Flughafen train station in 2 hours and 12 minutes.
  • Affordable and close-by parking, even for longer periods.
  • Relatively small, well-organized airport with only 3 terminals.
  • Short waiting times at the check-in desk.
  • Since Düsseldorf Airport is smaller than, for example, Schiphol, airlines pay lower taxes. This of course benefits the ticket prices.

More information Düsseldorf Airport?

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For more information and for up-to-date arrival and departure information, visit the website of Düsseldorf Airport:

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