Eurostar and Thalys team up to create new train routes across Europe

A new trade alliance between Eurostar and Thalys will make it easier to connect several cities in Europe.

Both companies announced the creation of a new holding company, the Eurostar Group. The two companies, however, will continue to operate as independent railway companies in London and Brussels respectively.

“Started in September 2019, the Green Speed ​​alliance project had been temporarily postponed due to the pandemic. After a relaunch in autumn 2021, the project received approval from the European Commission in late March 2022,” the two companies shared in a joint statement.

“Eurostar and Thalys shareholders are more convinced than ever that the combination of Eurostar and Thalys will help meet the growing demand for sustainable mobility, furthering the development of rail transport in Europe.”

According to ITB Berlin, the agreement offers a number of significant benefits, including more direct connections and better scheduling for passengers, as well as loyalty points.

Eurostar train in France

New routes are expected to open to places like Duesseldorf, Essen, Aachen and Dortmund.

The main objective of the new Eurostar Group is “to transport 30 million passengers a year in 10 years (compared to 18 million customers in 2019) under a single brand: Eurostar”.

Travelers are expected to reduce their carbon footprint by having the option to travel by train instead of taking a plane.

“By joining forces with Thalys, we will be able to expand our reach while providing a powerful response to the increasingly serious challenge of climate change and the growing demand for sustainable travel,” Eurostar President Guillaume Pepy said in a statement..

About the loyalty program

Think twice if you are not a member yet. Those who cross the Channel frequently will receive one point for every pound they spend on the new company.

Those booking through Eurostar Club need 1,000 points for Standard Class, 2,000 points for Standard Premier and 3,000 points for Business Premier.

“This is an exciting development for our customers as it will allow us to offer you a more extensive network, greater connectivity and frequency of service and a fleet operating on renewable energy,” noted Eurostar CEO Guillaume Pepy in a letter published to customers.

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