EU Considers Easing Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers

The members of the European Union are seeking to reach an agreement that will allow them to further ease travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers inside and outside the bloc, according to an informal proposal by the EU Commission seen by Bloomberg.

“Given the very considerable impact on the exercise of free movement, people traveling within the EU should not, in principle, be forced into quarantine, except in very exceptional situations (eg new variants of concern)”, says the proposal.

In the opinion of the vehicle, the economic bloc is working on several initiatives to standardize processes and use data more effectively.

eu considers easing travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers

The first option would completely eliminate the EU traffic light system, which has been used to establish travel requirements for each destination.

Instead, EU countries would allow those who have been vaccinated twice and could produce an EU COVID digital passport to travel freely between countries.

Take the UK for example, which has reduced its amber, amber plus, green and red traffic light system to a green and red list.

Only seven countries were listed in red as a result of the new strategy during the last 7 days.

A second approach would simplify the data used to create traffic light systems, allowing for more consistent policies for dealing with visitors in each area.

This proposal would also include an “emergency brake” in case of new health emergencies.

This “sudden” desire to make travel easier appears to be linked to the reopening of the United States to EU visitors on 8 November.

eu considers easing travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers

While European travelers will simply need to show a negative (rapid) antigen or a PCR test and vaccine certificate to enter the US, American visitors must navigate a maze of ever-changing regulations that may be preventing them from migrating to the European Union as the tourism industry predicted.

Despite good intentions, several obstacles can prevent the implementation of a simplified system in the EU, the most urgent being COVID-19. Yes, again.

eu considers easing travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers

According to for World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiologists, Europe is the only region among the six regions of WHO member states where incidences are increasing.

More than 1.3 million people were infected with Covid-19 in the past seven days, a 7% increase from the previous seven days. The same happened in the last 3 weeks.

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EU countries fear these COVID trends will stifle the effort to relax travel rules.

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