Digital nomads can be paid up to $20,000 to move to these US cities

Remote work is becoming pervasive across all sectors of our economy, and as such, more workers are looking to take advantage of their digital nomad status. As such, several small towns in the United States took notice and created unique ways to persuade these workers come to live and work in their cities.

From tax breaks, property deals, and sometimes even cash incentives, various locations across the country are trying to attract these remote workers. These workers can’t afford real estate prices in larger cities, strive to build a close-knit community or other incentives for remote work.

Compiled by data from MakeMyMove, here are the top cities that offer a hefty package to try and entice digital nomads to move to your area.

#1 + #2: Morgantown and Lewisburg, West Virginia – Applicants not working in West Virginia can take advantage of an estimated $20,000 package, which includes a $12,000 cash stipend and other undisclosed gifts and incentives worth $8,000.

#3: Greater Rochester, New York – Applicants who live more than 300 miles from downtown Rochester and can move within six months of acceptance can get a $10,000 relocation incentive and up to $9,000 in homebuyer incentives.

#4: Southwest, Michigan – Applicants working for an employer located outside of Michigan can take advantage of a mortgage incentive of $10,000 (must buy a home over $200,000) and $5,000 if an applicant’s child is enrolled in a local public school

5#: Noblesville, Indiana – applicants who can move within six months of acceptance and have a home within city limits can take advantage of a $5,000 relocation grant, as well as access to a coworking space (worth $3,000), membership in the local golf club (worth $1,400), and a $500 health and wellness grant.

#6: Montpelier, Vermont – There are no barriers to applying and the estimated package is worth $15,000, including up to $5,000 per year for two years and up to $7,500 for those who become full-time employees of a Vermont-based company.

#7: Newton, Iowa – formerly known as “Washing machine capital of the world”, this Midwestern city is now the site of the Iowa Speedway and home to a thriving arts community. Estimated Incentive Value: $12,500.

Who Qualifies: Individuals who are purchasing a home in Newton valued at $190,000 or more.

Package: A $10,000 cash incentive and discounts to local stores worth up to $2,500.

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