Delta Introduces Five New Plant-Based Dishes For Passengers, Including Impossible Burgers

Impossible™ Burgers, Plant-Based Lamb Meatballs from Black Sheep Foods and Impossible™ Meatballs are among the new meals offered for Delta One and First Class customers on select flights of 900 miles or more.

“Plant-based meats like the Impossible™ Burger are not only delicious to eat, they are often better for the environmentusing much less land and water to produce,” said Kristen Manion Taylor, Delta’s senior vice president of inflight service.

“These new options are part of Delta’s broader mission to promote a focused on well-being travel journey.”

According to the company, the main objective is to provide a personalized and health-conscious travel experience, ensuring that each customer feels cared for during their flight.

Passengers on select international and transoceanic flights will be able to experience Delta’s chef-curated meals through a three-course, multi-stage service.

This is a preview of the five new plant-based dishes that Delta One First Class passengers and customers will be able to order starting March 15.

impossible burger

Impossible™ Burger- Photo by Impossible™ Foods
Impossible™ Burger- Photo by Impossible™ Foods

Delta’s Special Impossible Burger is served with caramelized onions, Manchego cheese and green peppers on a brioche roll. Only for passengers on flights of 900 miles or more.

cauliflower cakes

The tasty fried cauliflower cakes made with cauliflower rice, rapini and parmesan are served with roasted tomatoes, toasted hazelnuts and creamy orzo pesto. Available on select flights 900 miles or more from Seattle.

Lamb meatballs with black sheep food

Black Sheep Foods Plant-Based Lamb Meatballs
Black Sheep Foods Plant-Based Lamb Meatballs

The plant-based lamb meatballs are served with spinach rice and feta cheese in a Greek-inspired dinner.

This meal will be available for a limited time on select flights departing San Francisco with a distance of 900 miles or more.

Seasonal Vegetable Plate

This organic dish includes fresh broccoli, grilled relic carrots, grilled red onions, roasted mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes, as well as herb-flavored Israeli couscous and lemon butter.

It is only available for flights of 900 miles or more.

Impossible™ meatballs made from plants

impossible meatballs
Impossible™ Meatballs – Photo by Delta Air Lines

impossible meatballs are served with orzo risotto, pesto cream, spinach and roasted tomato in Pomodoro sauce.

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These juicy meatballs are only served on select flights of 900 miles or more from New York-JFK and LGA.

Delta customers will also have more pre-flight beverage options, such as mimosas, as well as new pre-dinner cocktail canapés.

They will also have extra dessert options, with the option of one of Delta’s exquisite plated desserts or an ice cream sundae with a variety of toppings.

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