Curaçao launches visa program for digital nomads and remote workers

The COVID-19 pandemic created millions of new remote workers in 2020. This year, as international vaccination programs begin to gain momentum, many of these workers are eager to pack up their laptops and start traveling the world as digital nomads.

In an effort to attract these errant workers, Curaçao recently introduced a remote work permit that allows digital professionals to live and work on the island for up to six months, with the option of renewal.

To qualify for the @Home in Curacao Program, remote workers must be one of the following:

curaçao launches visa program for digital nomads and remote workers
  • A worker hired for a registered employer in a foreign country
  • A partner or shareholder of a company registered in a foreign country
  • A freelancer or consultant who offers contracted services to clients who are permanently established in a foreign country

Remote workers will also be required to complete an online form and provide the following documents:

  • Copy of the passport identification page
  • Proof of international travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage
  • Proof of foreign employment or foreign company ownership
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee, which is approximately US $ 300

It is no wonder that Curaçao, which has a population of approximately 160,000 people, has a growing digital nomadic community. The Dutch island is a tropical paradise, with picturesque beaches, extensive coral reefs, diverse marine life and warm weather all year round.

curaçao launches visa program for digital nomads and remote workers
Curacao Beach

In addition, the island offers one of the best nightlife scenes in the Caribbean, numerous tourist activities and a rich and multicultural environment, with English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Papiamento spoken by many locals.

Add a reliable internet service, world-class coworking spaces and an international airport with direct flights to the US and Europe to the mix, and it is a potential dream destination for digital nomads.

Of course, in many ways, digital nomads are also the dream tourists for Curaçao. While typical visitors stay on the island for just a few days, remote workers often stay for months, pouring money into the local economy all the time.

The island hopes that the new digital nomad visa will attract a large number of these large spenders and accelerate their economic recovery from the pandemic.

Curaçao is not the only Caribbean nation that vies for the attention of digital nomads. Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda and Bahamas have also introduced remote work visas to attract digital professionals to their shores.

curaçao launches visa program for digital nomads and remote workers

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