Croatia lifts ALL entry requirements for foreign tourists on May 1

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed N1 on Monday that entry restrictions for foreign visitors from outside the EU are no longer in effect.

“This means that anyone trying to enter Croatia, carrying any passport, coming from anywhere to any border crossing, will be able to enter Croatia without asking questions about COVID-19.” report the local media.

The Croatian Ministry of Interior has not yet updated the rules because they remain the same on its official website.

“It’s entirely [inappropriate] that such a big change went almost unnoticed as it wasn’t clearly publicized in time that the rules changed for so many travelers. To make matters worse, the official Croatian police website created to explain COVID-19 and borders in detail still contains the incorrect data,” the media reported.

This issue should be resolved in the coming days.

In April, the requirement to show documents related to Covid-19 to EU citizens was removed. International arrivals were still required to have a Covid pass or negative test to allow entry.

“Entry into the Republic of Croatia is permitted in accordance with the entry conditions that were valid before the COVID-19 epidemic, i.e. under the conditions prescribed by the Schengen Borders Code, Aliens Act, etc., but without meeting epidemiological conditions.” Croatia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement N1.

The only pandemic measure still in place in the country is the mandatory use of face masks in hospitals, nursing homes and health-related facilities.

Employees of social service agencies that provide residential services to the elderly and disabled, as well as visitors, must also wear masks.

To date, the only country left to require visitors to present Covid-19 tests, proof of vaccination or others from that side of Europe is Bosnia, which maintains a series of Covid restrictions.

Croatia has positioned itself as a popular destination for international visitors and digital nomads, with the country even granting its own digital nomad visa.

Whether you want to admire the country’s architecture, visit one of its breathtaking national parks, or stroll around Croatia’s largest island, you won’t be disappointed by all that this fascinating country has to offer.

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