Costa Rica is open to tourism with 30% of its visitors in pre-pandemic

Costa Rica is open to tourists from all countries without a COVID-19 or quarantine test, if they enter by air. Visitors from the United States are also welcome to Costa Rica.

To access the country, the disembarkation must present medical insurance covering COVID-19 and complete the new Health Pass form.

Vaccination campaigns already underway have led the authorities to ease some restrictions.

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Costa Rica reopening – latest updates

costa rica is open to tourism with 30% of its visitors in pre-pandemic
La Fortuna, Costa Rica

April 21 – Costa Rica brings back 30% of its regular tourists

The last time Costa Rica saw this number of tourists was in March 2020, when the pandemic has already hit most countries around the world.

With 89,263 international passengers in recent weeks, the country has brought back 30% of its pre-pandemic tourists.

There were 62,370 visitors from the United States, 2,706 from Mexico, 1,429 from Canada, 14,183 from Europe, 3,382 from Central America, 3,881 from South America and 284 from the Caribbean, according to data collected by the General Migration Office (DGME).

“These figures are very encouraging in view of the global situation and the difficulties for the recovery of the tourism sector; it is essential to adhere to health protocols to protect the reactivation of the tourism industry in the country ”, said Gustavo Segura, Minister of Tourism.

So far, 300 Costa Rican companies have received the “Viagem Segura” seal, which guarantees that the destination has strict sanitary measures.

April 2 – Costa Rica reopens restrictions on land borders

As of April 5, the government of Costa Rica will allow national citizens and holders of permanent residence permits to use land borders to enter the country. When crossing land borders, travelers will receive a sanitary order requiring them to go through a mandatory 14-day quarantine at home.

In addition, people crossing the border with Nicaragua will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test done no later than 72 hours before crossing the border.

March 10

Although Costa Rica has been open to tourists for months, they are still far from reaching their tourism numbers before the pandemic. They introduced several measures to attract foreigners to their beaches; survey of test requirements and quarantines, and extensions of tourist visas.

The next step for the country will be offer digital nomadic visas that come with a very attractive benefits package for foreigners interested in making Costa Rica their center of operations. The details have not yet been discussed and agreed upon.

February, 10th

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Costa Rica reported that 75,113 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered in its territory. They expect to receive an additional 200,000-400,000 doses of their contract with Covax while negotiating a million doses with AstraZeneca.

This successful campaign allowed the authorities to lift some restrictions. For example, the schedule for public beaches has been extended and are now open from 5 am to 6 pm.

Vaccination progress

December 10

Costa Rica remains open to tourism from all countries, as long as they meet the visa and entry requirements.

According to the CDC, Costa Rica has a level 4 warning, which means that the chances of obtaining and disseminating COVID-19 are high. All trips to Costa Rica should be avoided. (Source:

What are the current requirements for entering Costa Rica?

Can Americans enter Costa Rica?

As of November 1, all 50 U.S. states are allowed to enter Costa Rica.

Situation of COVID-19 in Costa Rica

costa rica is open to tourism with 30% of its visitors in pre-pandemic

From April 21, Costa Rica has 231,967 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3,104 deaths caused by the new coronavirus.

Costa Rica reopens for European tourists

costa rica is open to tourism with 30% of its visitors in pre-pandemic

Travelers need to fill out a digital form Health pass online available online and translated into several languages.

In addition, tourists must purchase insurance through the country’s national insurance company (INS). He needs to cover accommodation if a tourist is hit by the coronavirus. If this happens, insurance will take care of quarantine quarters and, if necessary, hospitalization.

US citizens who entered the country after December 19, 2019 received an extension of their stay until mid-November.

Like other locations around the world, Costa Rica has a mask / face shield policy. They are mandatory in all public spaces other than private residences or restaurants. For the latter, staff are required to wear facial covers.

Costa Rica after COVID-19

costa rica is open to tourism with 30% of its visitors in pre-pandemic

Costa Rica expects to be fully operational once the COVID-19 numbers worldwide are small enough to reopen completely. Especially since the period between autumn and spring is the best season for travel.

When this occurs, some restrictions may still be in place. For example, wearing a mask and social distance.

In addition, as bars and clubs are home to coronavirus due to ventilation systems, they can remain closed or accept only reduced capacity.

How to plan a trip to Costa Rica?

costa rica is open to tourism with 30% of its visitors in pre-pandemic

Preparing for a trip to Costa Rica must not be delayed. Visitors may want to control the numbers and restrictions to determine the best places to visit in the country.

For example, while flights arrive at San Jose airport, it may be better to avoid the city, as it presents a higher epidemiological risk and more restrictions. In fact, travelers may consider landing at the other two international airports in the country to avoid the city altogether.

Review the country’s Ministry of Health website for current information on phased openings and to focus attention on the yellow zones. This is usually the location for most of the country’s ecological attractions. For example, walking tours of the Monteverde Cloud Forest still take place, but they accept smaller groups.

Another place that will be a privileged place to visit is the country’s beaches. Those in the yellow zones are now open most of the day, just like any other outdoor areas. This means that visitors can enjoy the area, as long as they follow Costa Rican rules.

Costa Rica’s motto is Pure life – Pure Life. Despite the frustrations encountered since the beginning of spring, its citizens and tourist areas are ready to receive tourists. Take advantage of this time to prepare a trip that brings together the ecological beauty and wonders that the country offers.

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